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Networking is the connection between every individual of the team, sharing all the information gathered by each individual and using it collectively and effectively for the purpose.

In childhood,we all have studied a lesson glorifying the working of the ants like their way to approach anything,their collective efforts, etc. When we talk about ants various characteristics like hardwork, unity, team work, intense networking, fighting spirit,synchronisation,etc crosses our mind.Ants are said to be survive in the most harsh conditions in which even humans cannot survive because of these traits.They can conquer any task or aim with their extreme wilness. One such trait is networking,they said to have more diversified networks than google. The communication network used by ant colonies can be seen when worker ants go out to forage.

Every single translator have amount of information and  different types of skills or qualities in their own particular language field,but those qualities can be of more use and more productive until they are embedded together and used by all the persons sharing the same profession as in ants.Individually however, ants are relatively unimpressive creatures. When the entire colony pulls together however, ants can pull off feats that could put even humans to shame.In case,some traslators who have started earlier having a vast experience can be beneficial to the translator who has just started his journey in this field,some who have large number of resources can serve to those who lacks the resources, etc are few of the many advantages of forming the translators network by getting them under the one tree.Translation profession can reach higher peaks if all its components work together providing every possible help to each other with the property of cooperation.
Modlingua being India’s number one translation group is doing tremendous job in connecting the translators from different countries,different regions,different cultures by providing them platform to share their views.It is running different programs like internship programs in order to perform its role in making the translators network more powerful and strong.Internship program is based on teaching the basics of the translation profession.Before this internship I hardly know few translators of my language,but after joining this internship I came to know many translators of my field which can help in expanding my skills in this field.I would really like to thank Ravi Sir and Modlingua for giving me this opportunity. 

Profile Link http://www.modlingua.com/interns/439-pranay-chakrapani-japanese-translator.html

Writer Pranay is Japanese and English Language and Translation Intern at Modlingua, India's No1. certified translation and Language service providers based in New Delhi

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