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Richa Nasha

We as translators or language professionals, translators and Interpreters can learn a lot through the image of ants.First of all we can learn the skill of team work. If all the language professionals around the world come together and work together, it will obviously help everyone. We could have a monopoly of our own in the market. Such team work will allow us to help, guide and advice each other. We can expand our horizons, learn new things and bring in new opportunities. Team work not only helps you at a professional level but also teaches to work as a team with your family in personal life. Modlingua could offer us such a platform where all the language professionals can together form a team which will then surely allow us to enhance our importance in the market. Being a monopoly is always an advantage, the biggest advantage being we will be one so there will be no competition. Working as one entity would surely allow us to stand out the rest.

This image of ants also teaches us the importance of networking. It explains how important it is to build a proper network of all language professionals from around the world. It is vital to be connected so that we can share our experiences and learn from experiences of others. The more people you have in your network, the stronger and larger is the network and hence there is better team work which again would allow us to make a difference in the market. Modlingua surely is a platform which can be used to increase this network. We can all contribute our bit and connect different dots from all corners of the world to form a huge network while holdings hand of each other. When you know so many people from your domain, you just tend to flourish and succeed. A proper network gives you the opportunity to learn through others which is the fastest way to learn.

The image of ants also tries to tell us the importance of leadership. There is an ant who is kind of supervising the work which could be the leader. Yes we do work as a team but there is always a need of proper guidance, it is important to know what is our goal and how will we achieve it. Hence the leader plays an important role in directing us towards the goal and taking out the best out of us to work efficiently.
Writer Richa Nasha is French Language and Translation Intern at Modlingua, India's No1. certified translation and Language service providers based in New Delhi

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I believe that translation cooperates with the dialog between cultures, enabling a connection between humanity through language. Currently, this rapprochement of peoples is also possible with the new communications media. In the new scenario imposed by social networks, the citizen is someone who has voice, which is connected to a network of people and who are interested in expressing himself. With the citizen journalism, the expression is strengthened by the need of inform people about important situations occurring in the environment where this citizen belongs, and this involvement with the subject causes a greater approximation with the news and a feeling of empathy in those who receive the news. However, to broaden the field of action of this journalist citizen, who uses language as a crucial factor of communication, knowledge of other languages is essential if the intent is to reach a larger audience for the news. As a translator, I collaborate with a project of citizen journalism, called Global Voices, a worldwide network of collaborators made by translators, journalists, editors and reviewers.

I absolutely believe in this way of thinking the translation, in other words, I consider the translation as a profession that promotes dialog between cultures. In this way, I believe that the quest for understanding the nuances of the cultural identity of a country is fundamental for a translator who seeks to practice this profession with responsibility. As I have an interest in strengthening the translation as a process that promote the meeting of peoples, to establish a relationship between my work as a translator and the possibility of acting in the area of citizen journalism, I would like to maintain a network of contacts with people from all over the world, focusing on the cultural aspects that can facilitate the understanding of the language of other countries and which serve as information for both other translators and curious to know the cultural identity of other countries. As a journalist citizen, specifically, I would like to write about my city, mainly extolling its cultural aspects, such as customs, slang, aspects characteristics of language, and also translating news from other countries to the Portuguese, making people aware of the culture of other countries. It would be interesting if we could, through Modlingua, establish a connection between the countries, creating this database for translators, where it would be possible to know the cultural identity of the countries, ask questions about possible variations of language with natives and where each translator could become involved with their local culture deeply, being a journalist citizen and at the same time, translator.

Writer Ticiane Martins is Brazilian Language and Translation Intern at Modlingua, India's No1. certified translation and Language service providers based in New Delhi


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