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By Harneet Kaur

As all of us know that today, in the fields of research, finance, marketing or name it any other growing industry, Google is considered as next to GOD. In fact, in our day to day lives also, Google search has become a very crucial part of our existence. With the growing usage of Smart phones, tablets and many other gadgets, we as humans find it very quick and convenient to use Google search. From searching a nearby restaurant to the best property available for Investment, Google knows it all.

So, when we rely so much on this Grand “know it all” Engine for every minute search, how can we take the best advantage of it as a Seller? What measures can we take so that more and more buyers should approach us? The answer is GET THE GOOGLE RIGHT.

Today, we as Translators and Multilingual have a very good opportunity to present ourselves in a best possible way on Google Search so as to attract more and more Clients for our field. But, having said that is not on sufficient for us to be there but as I mentioned earlier getting it RIGHT. With this I mean getting on the Right Ranking i.e. on the first page of the Search Engine and preferably the first 3 results.
Google Search and Top Ranking in Google search is very important. While more and more people rely on their searches basis Google these days, they would only want to check further with the results which are on the first page of the Engine. The psyche of the Human Mind is such, that it majorly relies on the principal of First is the Best. Majority of the people do not even visit the Second page of the Search Engine for the Results. Hence, the Translators who want to get into the Industry of Freelancing, would miss out on the opportunity if they do not present themselves on the right page.

Search engine marketing requires a lot of pull marketing. Having said that, it is very much implied that in the field of Translation, it is required to pull and get the attention of the clients so as to not losing opportunities.

Hence, I would like to conclude that we as Translators are very lucky today that we have such a great Search Engine to help us. So we should definitely make the best use of it in a highly efficient manner.

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By Khushboo Mehta
Content writing, online marketing and translation are intertwined with each other strongly. Content writing can deal with lot of issues such as gender equality, parenting, love, growing trend of translation etc. but to make it that visible and accessible to public, it requires marketing. There is no doubt how internet has profoundly influenced our lives. Today’s generation is obsessed with internet and especially social media like facebook, whatsapp etc. Companies, businesses don’t want to miss any opportunity so they use this platform to promote their products or services.

Hereby, I would also like to shed a light on translation. Earlier, translation was merely considered as a copy of an original which lacks creativity and originality. But with changing times and growing trend of learning a foreign language has actually changed the outlook towards translated work. Now translated work is equally in demand like original work as it is truly said that to learn a language is to know a culture. So one really needs to put lot of hard work and research to do any sort of translation and to apply different strategies for ex- alienation effect or word to word translation etc. this also means that your source and target language should be equally well. Translator supposedly should be accustomed to target audience and their culture. So altogether, one can say that translated work is to an extent an original work requiring immense expertise and knowledge regarding particular field. In order to popularise that work, in this era, we greatly need the tool of online marketing as every second person is glued to internet and this digital marketing can work wonders for your works if it goes viral. It’s like whatever you sell here, it’s going to stay there. Marketing translation if done in a right way and extensively would surely going to make a brand value of a particular work. Not forgetting the fact that it would be at times difficult for translators to translate idioms, proverbs, puns etc. so, I believe it is aptly said – ‘’something got lost in translation.’’
But if one retains to the essence of the original, then its going to be conveyed appropriately.

Since I have done my masters in translation, I would like to mention that I am familiar with the strategies of translating literary texts as I have also analyzed the work of German tales into Hindi but I would say there is a lot to do in this field. As far as marketing is concerned, I have never done it but recently, I have started with blogging so I am working on content writing and promoting it on social media.

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Writer Khushboo Mehta is German and English Language and Translation Intern at Modlingua, India's No1. certified translation and Language service providers based in New Delhi


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By Lavanya Joshi

Online marketing is a set of powerful tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the internet. And as the whole world has fallen under the influence of the internet, it has outsold traditional advertising in recent years and continues to be a high growth industry.

However, what has content writing got to do with online marketing? Because of such an exponential growth in the use of digital marketing to influence the consumers and to make them aware of a specific product, there is severe competition in this field. So how does one stand apart from the rest of the crowd? How does one get recognized?  Answering this question with innovative solution is ‘content writing’.

To fulfill these objectives of digital marketing, content writers are concentrating more on SEO writing( Search Engine Optimization).They are writing content, using more relevant words, related search terms and other parallel words to reach more people. Side by side, the language has become more interactive than before. Content writers now write in a conversational tone, anticipate user's questions and needs, and give more emphasis on long-tail keywords. They are dedicated to communicating heterogeneous group and answering multiple questions that might come from them. Like a true wordsmith, they grab the attention of the readers and create a desire among them for getting a particular product and service. In a word, they are perfectly solidifying all digital marketing strategies decided by the digital marketing experts. Professional content writers are helping the digital marketing and SEO experts to meet their desired goals and get their expected result easily.

Now where does translation come into picture in all this? In today’s day and age, it’s accurate to say that a product will go global. Rather, the whole focus of the company is to make their products’ availability throughout the world. And at this point, right here, translation becomes of significant importance. The adaptation of the content in the local culture, fulfilling the purpose of not only selling the product but making it creative enough to stand out for the consumers, is where translation plays a role. Such types of translations, also known as marketing translations, consist of not only translating from one language to another but also involves writing appealing and persuasive content in the local language that has an impact on the local audience. Marketing translation at a certain stage requires translators to work with content writers to create truly powerful content. This is known as Transcreation. However this task is not as simple as it seems. And like any other field, this field has its own traps and pitfalls.

The creative license used by the content writer to draw in consumers is an amalgamation of colloquialisms, taglines, sometimes puns, or metaphors. This type of language, though on one hand, sounds very appealing in the source language, might have a completely different (sometimes negative) impact on the target audience in the target language, if not translated properly. And as marketing translation will strengthen a brands identity on a global scale, while preserving its uniqueness in the market, it is of paramount importance to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the target audience, the target language, and the target culture to have the same positive impact.

In a brief essay, I have tried to sum up the connection between content writing, online marketing, and translation. However, my knowledge at this stage is confined, due to my lack of experience of such kinds of translations. Nevertheless, such were the reasons for me to be a part of this internship, to be able to come across such new experiences and learn from as much as I can.

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By Richa Nasa

Google search has become an inevitable part of today’s technology driven life .We are so used to it now that we search everything in just one single click and Google never disappoints you, we are always able to find enough information related to each and everything. Google serves as a common platform to bring together all sources related to the information desired, be it general information, reviews, travel details, ticket booking, location etc.

So here we need to understand the importance of Google search, it is not just a search engine but it is a catalyst, it serves as a means for business promotion and marketing. As this search engine is the most used, every business wants to keep itself on the top results of Google search so that more people visit their page or site and become more aware about their business. So remaining in the top search of Google is in itself a new form of competition amongst the different players in the market.

Translators or multilingual writers can surely benefit from this phenomenon, if they try their level best to stay updated and keep translating or writing blogs, posts on social networking sites and articles. Trying to stay on top of the Google search allows other to locate you easily and might as well become one of the major ways to get work. 

All the translators and multilingual writers should make use of this platform for promoting their work, nothing could be better if all these professionals adopt the strategy of team work and come together to prove themselves. We then can ensure to be listed on top in the results of Google search. Google offers us the opportunity to expand our knowledge and our horizons. We can dig deep to acquire knowledge about any domain that we seek to. With all this information available, it allows us to search for the perfect translations and hence produce an excellent piece of work. It provides us with input and help us to produce an efficient output which in itself could serve an as an input for others.

In today’s scenario we all are totally dependent on Google for any information we want and hence we should use this platform to spread our business and to make it reach up to the masses who might then appreciate our work and help us to grow personally and professionally.

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Globalization : Free movement of any kind of business or consultant services one country to other country . in this process the culture and information also transferred from one country to other couriers. THE MAJOR ROLE OF TRANSLATORS TAKES PLACE ONCE INFORMATION /CULTURE /BUSINESS STARTS TRANSFERRING FROM ONE COUNTRY TO ANOTHER COUNTRY TO PROMOTE/PUBLICISE AND PUT IT IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND POSITIVELY ..THE IMPORTANT ROLE OF TRANSLATORS TAKES PLACE HERE. 

Our Cinemas are reaching to Global MArket in some major countries still they prefer their Language only so our Pictures/Cinemas such as BAHUBALI etc are translated into many international languages such as China /Japan etc. to promote cinema business in Global/ International  Markets.

Localization : A country like Bharat we are diversified within the the country having various languages and it is fact that our National LAnguage is HINDI but Dakshin Bharat is still feels to under stand this language where the role of Translators of various Local Language of Bharat which requires even exchange of culture one Prant to Other Prant we feel proud of UNITY IN DIVERSITY . So translator will play a role of window to enter into others culture by understanding it positively & properly so that one can suit fit in other information culture or business.

​We can find a lot of regional Language Movies are Translated into Hindi Movies to promote the Regional Heros and Heroins. some time even Hit Hindi Movies are translated to reach regional cinema goers into the regional languages.

​Most of the advertisements of very well popular brands Translate their advertisements into various local languages though the STAR or A POPULAR FIGUR WHO ACTS IN that advertisement may not be knowing all those local languages but for catching the consumers they do it always. Even we can find the of popular brand products in variuos local languages. Most of the products print local languages on their products. 

Internationalization : There is no much difference between Globalisation and Internationalisation but one language reaches to all countries through Translators known as Internationally renowned Translator and ir Bharta through MODLINGUA promotes such a huge numbers of Translators to internationalise to develop Bharat's business , culture as well as knowledge based Information Technology   and many more In International MArket. Modlingua is required to be promoted globally to reach out Internationally / Globally.

​Translation of content: This is most important Factor which plays a sensitive Role in Internationalisation and Globalisation. To promote any information of one country to another counties Translation of the content Plays Most Importatnt Role. Which means a Lot .


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By Rachmy Kusumawaty

Google Web Search is Google Inc.'s most popular web search engine, the most widely used by web user. Half of Google search results are based on a priority ranking called PageRank according to the accuracy or visitor ratio of a file called hits. Until 2014 the number keep growing to almost one billion websites. Therefore, website owners compete with each other to become the top ranking website that show up when internet users type the keywords in Google Search so the contents they want to convey is spreading as much as possible, because 75% of web surfers only see the first page of the search results. Then come up Search Engine Optimization technique which is a technique that makes the website or blog is in the top position in the search result with targeted keywords.

When a website or blog gets their top rank in Google Web Search, some of the benefits they will gets is the increases awareness about its business will increase. According to a study held on August 2016 on a business website in Indonesia, visitors (who would be expected to become potential customers) clicking to the website increased almost three times when the website showed up in the top ranking of search results. Another advantage is the possibility of the visitors providing voluntary their contact data, such as email address, social media account, etc. This important data can make the seller know their customers better, they can read the market more clearly, what is potential products that can be offered, or just want to stay connected with consumers to perform the push marketing system.

As the 6th largest internet user in the world, Indonesia, in 2016 more than half of its population or 132.7 million are active internet users, 90% of them are productive and using internet mostly for updating information, related to work, and for entertanment. Almost all of them know that internet as a place to buy and sell goods and services. This shows the extent of the market segment of the website to include Indonesian as one of its intermediate languages ​​or as the primary language in their website/blog.

As previously discussed, it is very important to polish a business website in order to occupy top ranking in Google Search. But the visitors number doesn’t mean equal with costumer number. Additional systems are still required to make them decide to buy. The additional systems are such as product information and reviews, promotion, and testimonials, which should use the language that used by the target market in that particular country or region. The goal is to make prospective customer feel the product offered has emotional closeness with them and not feel unfamiliar. In addition, many internet users are typing in localized languages ​​or terms as keywords when they search for information on the internet. Indonesia also applies the regulation that any goods or services traded here must include all information related as clearly as possible in Indonesian both in offline and online media so the customer easy to understand the goods or services they has bought. This rule also applied by small or home industries. The most obvious case is lot of Instagram users using hashtag in Indonesian on their caption, either by accounts made for business or simply sharing personal experiences. Also we have to remember that Google Search always shows search results based on keywords, both in local and English terms. This makes local business communicators can convey their messages in Indonesian, as well as translators have a great opportunity to translate into Indonesian.

Another advantage in using local languages ​​as the intermediate language is also one way to preserve the original culture without undermined the side effects of excessive globalization. So that the translator can actively participate on “think globally act locally”s movement.
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Writer Rachmy Kusumawaty is Indonesian and English Language and Translation Intern at Modlingua, India's No1. certified translation and Language service providers based in New Delhi

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By Prathibha
It is common knowledge that Google has become a part of our lives and no day goes by without accessing Google. In fact, the word “search” is replaced with “google” nowadays and it has become a basic instinct for anyone to use Google for anything and everything on this earth and beyond. Obviously it increases the possibility of getting leads to one’s business if you are in the top page or the top 5-10 pages at least. No one has patience nowadays to look at beyond 5-10 pages. Due to the evolution of Google’s algorithm for Search engine optimization and the overall ranking process, top ranking is perceived to be more authentic when compared to those days when top ranking was achieved due to some short cut methods. This gives a feeling of trust to the prospective customers. So, visibility, trust and business leads, which form the entry level barriers for any business, are taken care in an efficient manner, just by achieving top ranking.
Due to globalization and the subsequent need for interaction across cross cultures, be it for business, recreation or anything for that matter, people have made Google as the tool to search for translators for their translation needs. The translator gets visibility across the globe and especially if his or her website is listed on the top page or the top few pages on the Google. This can save on the marketing costs as the translator gets inquiries by sitting at his or her home and the whole business can be done online.
Coming to the language pair that I work on, i.e., Japanese to English, I feel it is even more advantageous, due to scarcity of translators in this language pair. Japanese is supposed to be one of the toughest languages, if not the toughest, to learn and it takes at least 2-3 years of consistent effort to be able to do some meaningful translation assignments. Due to this, the number of people learning Japanese language is on the lesser side when compared to other languages such as French, Spanish or German. Hence, it is probably easier to be on the top pages of Google when compared to other language pairs. By creating meta tags for both Japanese and English keywords, the visibility can be increased even more. There is nothing like it, if I can achieve top ranking both in Google Japan and the generic Google domains. Google analytics provides the necessary insights for me to pursue the right customers, thereby avoiding spending time on non-prospective customers.

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Translators a key of Globalization, localization and Internationalization

Globalization is something that always refers to the international influence. There are some major fields where we find globalization common throughout the world like finance, commodity markets, insurance, sports, entertainment, technologies etc. It has a direct connection with a nation’s economy.

Localization: making something local, this is what localization means in simple definition. It has a direct connection with the culture of particular locality or we can say a deep lingual connection.
Internationalization: the process of planning  which is being done by promoting something at international level. This is the work that makes a product recognized all over the world.

All the three lizations completely correlate with each other and reflects their characteristics on each other. In translation Industry all the three lizations keep equal importance .Globalization provides a platform to legalization, internationalization and content translation where they can grow. Globalization is designing a system in such a way that can be adapted in multiple cultures and languages. Globalization does not translate anything but create a system that can be translated in multiple cultures and that actual translation is called localization and it develops on the basis of the local culture and when a company starts to expand its business in more than one foreign country this become internationalization. So for strengthening their international trade, relations, alliance, etc. They need a system which can be optimized in different languages. Globalization provide them a platform and localization translate them and then Internationalization implement them. –Therefore all the three lizations completely rely on each other.

While we count localization in the terms of languages then we found that most of the people think that English is language which is used mostly on the internet and on the web but in reality it is not like this. 57% of the content on web is in English and the remaining percentage belongs to other different languages from different localities. Hence the content translation plays its role here. Globalization prepares an application which can be translated in different languages and that use to be translated by the content translators and on the basis of that it later gets internationalized.
So, when we talk about who is the major player then I would say Translation because globalization, localization and internationalization are not possible without translation and translators. It is very crucial for their existence. All the three are connecting the world closer and translation Industry leading them.

I am a student of Arabic language and when I consider my language pair in these fields, I find it the most challenging. Arabic is an official language of twenty two countries. Now when a language is spoken at such a wide level then it is obvious that it carries several dialects with itself that varies from one place to another. So that makes it challenging for a translator to be aware with all the dialects and that causes an acute decline in the number of the translators. Secondly, most of the languages is generally written from left to write but Arabic is written from right to left and this writing pattern creates a confusion within developed software which later has to be translated. And third, In Arabic one Arabic word shares two different meaning of English words, like for the words translation and interpretation there is only one word Tarjama in Arabic. So it creates problem for the translator during translating content. Henceforth being a translator in this filed for Arabic language requires a very deep knowledge of the language with an extraordinary understanding of the culture.

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By Shefali Khulbe
In the era of digital technology and social media, the world has become a better place for online business and online marketing. It is the most efficient and fastest way to reach out to a large audience and get attention of a large number of customers. As such, online marketing, blogging, e-mails and online communication form a very necessary and important part for all companies and their websites in their business.

Thus, this calls for the need of content writers or more specifically called digital marketing content writers. A digital marketing content writer is a person who is responsible for creating and developping content like emails, blogs, articles, description, online communication, etc. for websites. One has to be creative and lucrative enough in their writing skills so as to hook the readers to the content and impress them with the quality of work. Along with that, it's very important to have the  knowledge of SEO, wordpress, etc. as they are the important tools of online marketing. Thus content writing and online marketing are two inseparable aspects for online business. It's very important to be skilled in both.
When we talk about translation in online marketing, it means that the content available in the website is accesible and readable in more than one language, which ultimately helps in attracting readers belonging to different language groups, thus increasing the reach of the company. Many websites provide this option of reading the webpage in another language. As such, the website can actually have readers from different countries, which helps in the publicity of the website in different parts of the world. As a matter of fact, a large number of people can get the benefit of the services due to this interactive feature.

Thus translation, content writing and online marketing all go hand in hand with each other in order to achieve a successful content for any webpage. One of the most well-known example for this can be Wikipedia which provides its content in multiple languages. Various websites now a days provide their content in multiple languages in addition to english for those whose first language is not english. Even while advertisements of various products, translation in multiple languages is provided to targeting a larger audience.
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By Beti Levensteinas

Online marketing is different from mass media because it is a platform with a two-way communication, enabling interaction with people, two machines whereas, in mass media, there’s only one machine and people. There are several sale strategies in online marketing. Social media have various small platforms. One of them is email marketing. However, email marketing has become unwanted nowadays, it is currently deemed as an invasion of privacy. 

Pay per click puts your add in sites, using targeted adds based on your google search, but you have to pay per click and it might be very expensive. Blogging has become much more important and beneficial, reaching out much more paying users and it is possible to use social media to direct people to other sites, the more followers, the more penetration and clicks you have.

According to chart shown in video, search engine marketing industry reached over $ 22 billion by the end of 2012 and Google search has 1,17 billion of users, more than Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube, Linkedin. So it is a much more effective strategy.
It can take more time, you have to put out many Web pages and it may take many months for people to visit them, but they will come freely and willfully, it is not an aggressive strategy, it is not an invasion of privacy. Google search is considered pull marketing, where people come to your branding.

On the other hand, discounts based on previous sales and email campaigns are deemed as push marketing, which is aggressive and not so effective. AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) strategy was presented in video as very effective, and when a user searches something, that strategy is being employed in Google search.

As shown in video, 63% of companies using social media (e.g., blogging) increased marketing effectiveness, 57% of marketers acquired customers from blogging, businesses with websites of 401-1000 pages get 6 times more leads than those with 51-100 pages.
Some online marketing advantages are one to one approach, it caters to specific interests, different content by choice, geomarketing, it is relatively inexpensive, it enables a global business, measuring statistics is easy and accountability.

Google analytics allows its users to analyze landing pages, exit pages etc. There are 68 million Internet users in Brazil. There’s a wide market. Multilingual writers have an even wider market, since they can post texts in several languages.

In view of that, translators looking for direct customers would have to start blogging a lot in order to be kept at the top of Google search, be seen and read. They would have to dedicate a great deal of their lives to accomplish that.

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