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Translators a key of Globalization, localization and Internationalization

Globalization is something that always refers to the international influence. There are some major fields where we find globalization common throughout the world like finance, commodity markets, insurance, sports, entertainment, technologies etc. It has a direct connection with a nation’s economy.

Localization: making something local, this is what localization means in simple definition. It has a direct connection with the culture of particular locality or we can say a deep lingual connection.
Internationalization: the process of planning  which is being done by promoting something at international level. This is the work that makes a product recognized all over the world.

All the three lizations completely correlate with each other and reflects their characteristics on each other. In translation Industry all the three lizations keep equal importance .Globalization provides a platform to legalization, internationalization and content translation where they can grow. Globalization is designing a system in such a way that can be adapted in multiple cultures and languages. Globalization does not translate anything but create a system that can be translated in multiple cultures and that actual translation is called localization and it develops on the basis of the local culture and when a company starts to expand its business in more than one foreign country this become internationalization. So for strengthening their international trade, relations, alliance, etc. They need a system which can be optimized in different languages. Globalization provide them a platform and localization translate them and then Internationalization implement them. –Therefore all the three lizations completely rely on each other.

While we count localization in the terms of languages then we found that most of the people think that English is language which is used mostly on the internet and on the web but in reality it is not like this. 57% of the content on web is in English and the remaining percentage belongs to other different languages from different localities. Hence the content translation plays its role here. Globalization prepares an application which can be translated in different languages and that use to be translated by the content translators and on the basis of that it later gets internationalized.
So, when we talk about who is the major player then I would say Translation because globalization, localization and internationalization are not possible without translation and translators. It is very crucial for their existence. All the three are connecting the world closer and translation Industry leading them.

I am a student of Arabic language and when I consider my language pair in these fields, I find it the most challenging. Arabic is an official language of twenty two countries. Now when a language is spoken at such a wide level then it is obvious that it carries several dialects with itself that varies from one place to another. So that makes it challenging for a translator to be aware with all the dialects and that causes an acute decline in the number of the translators. Secondly, most of the languages is generally written from left to write but Arabic is written from right to left and this writing pattern creates a confusion within developed software which later has to be translated. And third, In Arabic one Arabic word shares two different meaning of English words, like for the words translation and interpretation there is only one word Tarjama in Arabic. So it creates problem for the translator during translating content. Henceforth being a translator in this filed for Arabic language requires a very deep knowledge of the language with an extraordinary understanding of the culture.

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