Relationship between Content Writing, Online Marketing and Translation

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By Rupam Roli

Nowadays content writing has become a strategy which helps in boosting of the search engine rankings and online presence. Content writing has become an important part of the online marketing. In Content writing people write about their business, product and services. The content should be in such a way that the services or the product can get in front of as many people as possible. It creates awareness among the people and if the content is simple, clear and to the point then it also brings interest of the people in the business, the services or the products.

And awareness and interest these two are very important factor of AIDA Model for online marketing. AIDA Model comprises of four factors. The first one is A for awareness (it is the initial stage where awareness is created about the product or the services). Then comes the second I for interest (in this after the awareness, people discuss about the services and the products). Third one is D for desire (in this the messages are communicated through the use of social media and email marketing). And the last one is A for action (in this people interact with the website).

Content writing has a positive impact on purchasing decisions. Companies with active blog and rich content on average receive more tweet and more Facebook likes. Pages with a lot of high quality content are ranked highly in search. The average page that ranks on the first page of Google has between 2032 words and 2494 words. So we can see that content writing and online marketing both are linked to each other. And to reach the people of different countries, and who speaks different language, we need translator for different language. This helps a lot in online marketing. Because online marketing is not only for a certain region. Its main aim is to reach so many people across the world and this can only be done through translation of the blog or the content. So that they can understand the content or the blog in a better way. And the product and services can reach the people across the world without any language barrier. So content writing, online marketing and translation in many languages all these three are linked to each other. For online marketing, content writing is very important. Till now I have not used my language skills in these areas. But as I am working as an intern in Modlingua, I am learning about all these and hopefully in future I will use my language skills in this area.

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