Importance of Google

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By Mohd Kashif

Google search is Indeed very important today, as it is the most widely used search engine in the world, and is very simple to use. Google search gives user a very friendly internet scenario, the results are plain and simple, the amount of data hosted by google is certainly more than any other search engine. Google also owns Youtube, Gmail, Picasso, Android, Google chrome, Cloud, etc which gives user multi optional platform to surf the web and which is part of google so any data related to these media hubs is also shown in the searches we made. Since, these hubs like youtube, google maps and docs are also keeping a lot of data intact which can preferably be shown to us when we make a search on the google search bar. Google help us to make the most optimised searches on the internet with its enhanced web developing algorithms. 
Top results in google searches is important as it makes the website more organic in google than any other site. Two Features of Google Search namely Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization which can be simply explained.

You buy ads on Google search engine result page. You pay Google for your visitors click on your ads. The cost of the ads is determined by the competition of the keywords that you have targeted. 

You optimise your website to get it rank on Google Search engine result page. You don't need to pay Google. You can do this yourself for Free, or pay a Search Marketing Agency  firm to do it for you. 

These two features are used to put your desired website on the top result, google is very much focused on getting the more organic data for their users so your website or blog demands to be up to date and managed perfectly. 

“Never impose your language on people you wish to reach.” – Abbie Hoffman

This quote is a perfect example to put up my point on the third part of the question. More than half of all Google search are not conducted in English , we can simply conclude the more languages one knows, the more you are into the web. Knowing more than one language can benefit you by giving searches and results in other languages, opening you to more information. If you run a blog or a website being multilingual, you can get more audience just by having your blog and website in other languages, that will help you reach develop your website well and get a lot of people from other languages background rather than just English speaking group of people. For instance, I can take advantages of knowing French, English and Hindi and I can get more audience using these three languages for my blog. 

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