Entrepreneurship- Substituting A Way Forward For Language Professionals

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Priyadarshi Kumar

"An Idle Brain is the Devil's Workshop" we all have heard of this Proverb. Often, when we are at Leisure the momentum at which an Idea strikes us is the other Nano-Second we drop it then and there. The second proverb "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" declares that until and unless we are not deprived of something we don't look for something. Somewhere these two share a bond as unless we are not idle we wont find solution or think of something creative. Accidentally or knowingly we give rise to inventions. 
I feel myself as a bit as a Writer as Lyrics, Couplets or Nazms frequently knocks my Cerebrum and when I am at home I try to remember and note down that Idea again. Oops, it vanishes. I feel pity for myself for not keeping a Pen & Diary or either note it down in my phone's Notebook. Slowly I remember sometimes exactly or just beat around the bush. My efforts are in the shape of Short Story, Poems, Descriptions, Fb Posts and blah blah blah. These "So Called Terms" are so called as Litterateur Aspects. But I am rather more confined to call them Effort of my Language Skills. I know how to play with Languages. I am expert at shaping the way I imagine in that very Language. I have the ability to use my Entrepreneur Skills with a resource called Language. It forms the plot for other skills such as Editing, Triming, Character Formation, Movie Making, Publishing meeting objectives of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is defined as the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a Startup Company, offering a product, process or service for sale or hire. The people who create these business are called Entrepreneurs. A success and well known Entrepreneur is Ritesh Agarwal, founder of OYO ROOMS, is just 23 years old and has several accolades to his credit. He doesn't own any Hotel in India but with his idea he claims 90% share in the rooms aggregation play.
With evolving key-ideas and a supportive environment, we can see Entrepreneurs in every field. Language isn't far away from it. Bilingualism is additional talent for them. Language Professional have attained a lot of Respect. The primitive approach for a Bilingual is just in-sourced to Translation and Interpretation. An organised Translation Processing goes as, Project Review>Template Building> Glossary Development > Translation> Copy Editing> Client Review> Formatting> Proofreading> Final Translator Review> Delivery. But, apart we can see other core areas where Polyglots are working as Professionals
1) Education: With howl of foreign language, trained mentors and counselors are highly in demand. Students Exchange Programs offers a chance to communicate with international students by making them feel at ease in their own language. 
2) Tourism: Language isn't a barrier any more. Though you can have frustrating experience if there are communication barriers. So people prefer to learn the language of the niche they are traveling to so that they feel Cultural Intimacy with their own skin. 
3) Hospitality: Jobs such as Manager, Desk Clerk, Receptionist, Guides have to interact with people with different countries speaking diverse languages. Thus, Multilingual Employees are preferred.
4) Customer Service: Bilinguals help Companies to deal with issues of large customer base as Customer Care Agent and help companies to reduce cost. 
Prime Facia Technology has brought about a lot of change in the Translation Process. Various Impresario Start-ups are braced. These Impresario requires less Human Managerial Interference and thus more fortunate success. Technology has eased out in following way:
1) Client Interface- These interfaces provide a simple translation process for clients. Clients can enjoy the full power of our translation system, without having to know its inner-working.
2) Translation Server- It holds Translation for each client separately. It takes care of Reviewing, Quality Assurance, Track Status, Billing.
3) Translation Software- This software is optimized for translating websites and complex texts that include formatting and markup without bothering to know about the inner system. 
A new approach ia driven in Market termed as Freelancing. Freelancing is the concept and Freelancer is a term used for a Worker who is self-employed. It doesn't require any physical Office. It is more popular as they find their work according to industry, flavor and lifestyle. Internet and Language together has facilitated a long term voyage. Freelancing Employment rather Entrepreneur Screening is dedicated in the Fields of...
1) Content Writing: Certainly Bilinguals have sharper institutionalized perceptions of contents. They deploy their skills in Writing Blogs, Editing, Publishing, Proofreading and much more. 
2) Journlism: Rather Citizen Journalism as News Agencies are targeting more on Critics that are offshore. Alike a White House Press Release matters most on ongoing Indo-China conflict in Doklaam, Sikkim.
3) Localisation: A foreign concept needs to be moulded the way a Local can absorb. It includes Websites, Translation or Product Localisation. India is Israel's top destination for arms export. These arms are        Localisation and Re-Programmed to be used in our ambiance. 
4) Outsourcing: It is a process used by companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers. Offshore outsourcing, Online outsourcing and Crowdsourcing are heavily reliant work that bids on Multilingual.

5) Voice-Over: Several movies, videos, documentaries or plays holds Excerpt that accommodates Language Artists. In Poland, voice-over provided by an artist is used on television and radio programs as a language localization technique, as substitute to full dub localization.

These may or may not directly relate to Language Professionals but by hook or by crook their roles can't be negotiated. We admit that still Language Industry hasn't been fully vested but with reach of many Languages glocally it is far certain to emerge as a major industry. 

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