How project management integration takes place in translation business

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By Asif Ali

For any kind of business, there is always a requirement of planning, implementation and execution and these things done by project management. Project management means working in the disciplined way to complete the work accurately and on time. Its starts from initiating, planning executing, controlling and closing the work of team to achieve specific goals to meet success.

Project management is actually a guiding force which helps to create a roadmap for the application of knowledge ,skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project. project management converts any vision, dream or need into reality. Business is a commercial activity or an organizational entity in the form of a company or a firm where different kind of projects took place like translation business where it is not limited to simple translation only but variety of projects like interpretation, voice-over, localization, language escorting, proofreading, calling, sales and so on for that integration of project management is must.

As far as translation business is concerned ,its completely an organized work where project management plays a prominent role to make business successful. For starting the business of translation, there is requirement of appropriate management means before starting the business of translation there are some necessary guidelines like understanding the nature of business, problems and needs, check and balance in terms of using of resources, costing, timing, scope and quality.

Translation business is not a single man project but requires a team work, coordination and series of planning and management to achieve the goal without compromising with the quality and balancing the cost effect means within budget. So, integration of project management becomes essential in the translation business. The word ‘integration’ in terms of project management acts like a main component and alone describe the entire process og any management applying all principle of businesses. Actually integration brings all those principles of planning, controlling, applying and giving a final way means from scheduling to closing to apply project management in translation business effectively.

For translation business, applying in the preview of project management there are some key points which are as follow: 1.Integration: Main component of project management and guiding force behind translation business 2: Scope : to check the future of the business 3: Time: An important part of the translation or any business which provides stability and recognition 4: Cost : its done in a channeled way like form first party to third part and every one has to earn. For example if a client contacts to a translation agency for any translation project.

So the agency will hire any translator or group of translators and ask for the best rate quotation. So costing is very important part of the entire event because its all about economical aspect which gives a boost to the organization. 5: Quality: After costing now the onus is of giving quality to the client and obviously it makes a reputation not only of agency but the translators as well and give an edge to translation business. Based on these five points the other important parts comes into the picture like Human resource, communication, Risk, Procurement, document and change out of which every point has its own importance and significance. Starting with the utmost part which is ‘change’ and may decide the destiny of any project of translation business because if there is change in scope and other points, integrate with changes into process when it takes place. For example, if cost changes, then other points can’t be same. One change can affect the whole process of project management.

So we always ready to adapt the sudden changes may occur and management should move taking care these parameters. The other important parts are communication and human resource. For making translation business successful, there must be integration of these two key points into the project management of translation business because communication among all parties in the translation project gives a right way to proceed with the work and human resource provide an opportunity to opt best among all. Apart that risk covering is also a daunting task for an agency, the client as well as a translator because every one shares equal responsibility like the client wants the translation in the same manner and agency committed. for the same and translator has to play their part. If client is not satisfied with the quality of translation or there is problem of payment, translator, time procurement etc. Procurement and document are also very important segment of this process.

So, every point of project management in translation business are subordinate to each other and play important role to make process successful. In last but not least it can easily analyze and understand the genesis of integration of project management into translation business and how for translation business there is a requirement of integration of project management.

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