Translation, Content Writing and Online Marketing

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By Rebecca Moreno White

Language is one of the eldest forms of communication that exists, by far. Therefore, it is no surprise that topics such as Content writing or Translation are related in their fields of knowledge, as both involve the use of language. In order to understand their relationship, we should take a look at what these have in common with each other beyond language use: culture awareness, humour understanding, ability to localize, skills related to word playing and the capacity to provoke certain responses in the reading public are just some of those aspects. When it comes to the latter, we could also add Marketing content to the above-mentioned topics with common aspects.

Highjacking and mastering a language does not come easily. It takes much work, commitment and interest over the quality of the provided product – Content in this case. Content as such, can be many things: you can find content writing in a recipe blog, you can read other kind of Content related to various topics in Wikipedia and written content also appears in beautiful books – may them be fiction or non-fiction.
Once these items have been explained, we can come to understand how, bearing in mind such an important concept such as Globalization, translation and localization play key roles when developing Online Marketing strategies or interesting and appealing Content. Localizing a text means taking into consideration not only the culture of our target audience and what we want to awake in them, but also how we can communicate it effectively while preserving the core ideas of the information we ought to convey.

In the field of translation, this is more complicated, as we are not only working on the translation itself but we have to also be aware of each audiences’ needs – and doing this from one language to another makes things more complex. For this reason, it is crucial that a person who is localizing or translating has the best command possible of the target language – hence providing the effective “bridge” between the original content and the target one.

One more thing that Translation, Content writing and Online Marketing have in common is that, nowadays, we will find most of them online. Which means taking into account that people from anywhere around the world could be reading the published content and be attracted to what we are creating. With great power comes great responsibility and, in this case, we are responsible for how what we write will affect our readers, as well as which feelings we want to trigger in them.

Having raised these points, we can come to understand how big the role of a correct use of language and languages plays in these areas of practice, when used appropriately. In the end, I believe we could argue that all are means to creation of different kinds of 

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