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Translation as a skill or an art in India

Translation as a skill or an art

posted by: Ravi Kumar
on 22 January 2013
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Translation, in the Indian context, has a very different connotation than in other parts of the world. In India, we are more tuned to trans-creation or adaptation, more aptly expressed in rupantar or anuvaad, whereas, in the west or in the US, translation means being faithful to the original text while transferring it into the target language. Thus a literal adaptation of the language to be translated happens here and what comes out of it is ‘Trans-creation’ and not Translation.  Perhaps, this difference lies in our oral tradition of transferring knowledge, which gives us the flexibility to enrich and bring adaptations in a new language or in a totally different cultural set. 
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Project deadlines and work pressure in translation
on 22 January 2013
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Many times we come across a situation when a regular client gives us a call and tells us to finish the project within a tight deadline. There can be many reasons but most likely reasons are the following: The end client needs to finish the work as soon as possible as they have many other projects lined up and their project managers have failed to anticipate the real time needed for the completion of the project.

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Ravi Kumar with PM Modi at Times Square, New York

Language professionals today are quite sought after in the international markets. The linguists possess abilities that are of extreme significance for any enterprise working in the international arena. Latest research indicates that translators and entrepreneurs share strong common characteristics with each other. The two are self-motivated individuals who obviously understand what they seek from their work.

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