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13. 01. 21
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Modlingua Learning has not just spent 16 plus years in the translation service industry managing translation and interpretation projects, creating and networking with its huge resource base and clientele both at national and international levels but has also been persistently working to strengthen the rather nascent translation industry of India. These endeavors have helped Modlingua in developing a close network with translators as well as academic institutions not only in India but in all major countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas. At the same time, Modlingua also enjoys an international reputation of being a socially responsible company involved in promotion and development of the translation profession within India and abroad. In addition, it has been regularly organizing events, seminars and conferences on various themes related to translation, project management, culture studies and social media. It also maintains a consultative relationship with various government agencies, universities and research centers across the globe.

With the given strengths that include considerable experience over the years, its strong internationally active professional network, highly competent team of native language professionals, I can aptly claim with pride that in the present scenario, Modlingua is the rightful claimant for the top slot in the category of Language Service Providers in India. 

Further building on its current strengths and capabilities, the Modlingua team envisions itself as playing a key role as the world’s top 10 Language & Translation Service Providers in the near future. Our upcoming endeavors will comprise of enabling professional skill development of language experts in India by sharing our expertise on the idea of entrepreneurship among translators. 

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