BEN launch and Conference Plan (Tentative)

17. 02. 05

BEN logo


09:00-10:00         Registration and High Tea

10:00-10:20         Inauguration, Lamp lighting, Prayer & Welcome Address

10:20-10:45         Key Note One: Bharat of 21st Century

-          Growth Story of Bharat so far and Plans for Bharat of tomorrow

-          Government Initiatives in promoting entrepreneurship and attracting investments in Bharat

-          Roadmap for government going hand in hand with entrepreneurs


10:45-11:00         Networking Break with Startup Booths

11:00-11:30         Opportunity and Challenges in the Infrastructure

-          State of Bharat Infrastructure: Present and Future

-          Administrative bottlenecks and ways to overcome them

11:30-12:15         Hot Sector One: Education

- Bridging the educational gap in Bharat: How and what is to be done to meet the challenge

-Higher Education: New frontiers for the entrepreneurs and investors focusing at Bharat.

12:15-13:00         Hot Sector Two: Healthcare

-          What are the sustainable and scalable business models in healthcare delivery in Bharat?

-          Integrated Health systems like Ayurveda & modern medicine working together

13:00-13:15         Launch of Women Entrepreneurs Network ( Anushree Shrivastava)

13:15-14:15 Lunch and Networking

14:15-14:30 Keynote two: Hot Spots of Bharat

-Discussing the potential of remote locations which are emerging in northeast, eastern India and other remote locations

- Roadmaps for empowering and leveraging these locations

4:30-15:15 Hot Sector Three: Energy

- Meeting the energy requirements of the state: Hows and Whats.

- Clean Energy: Looking at the various scalable models that can help meet the energy crunch

- The Economics of Solar Energy

15:15-16:00 Hot Sector Four: Women Entrepreneurs

- Challenges & Opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Bharat

- Charting out an eco system of women leaders and entrepreneurs

16:00-16:15 High Tea at funding Booth

16:15-17:00 Workshop: Starting up Business

-Business Plan Preparation: Documentation, Presentation, etc.

-Knowing legal aspects of the business

-Knowing how to get funded and what investors look in the entrepreneurs and business ideas

14. 17:00-18:00 Startup Hour

Investors, Start-ups meet-ups

Business Plan Presentation: 5 minutes for each presentation. ( pre-screened entrepreneurs)

18:00-18:30 Feedback, Valedictory, Awards and Closing Ceremony

Classical dance with modern remix in after Party Events / Dance etc.

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