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img 2495 2 Paul Rizo-Brewington

Language Skills: I am a bilingual speaker of Spanish and English. I took Latin for four years in high school. My abilities in Italian and Portuguese are that of an advanced level with vocabulary being my only lacking area. However, because they are both romance languages and I have a knowledge of Latin, I can navigate quite well with those who speak the language natively. Lastly, I have complete knowledge of beginner level Arabic. I don’t have any formal translation experience except for personal endeavors or helping friends.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, sports, learning languages, designing clothes and cooking.

Professional goals: Learn more about the entrepreneurial sacrifices and reality of being a translator as well as getting actual translation experience.

Employment status: Intern

4 Things I want to Improve: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Social Media Marketing and CAT Tools


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Kirti Kathuria

My name is Kirti Kathuria I am a graduate in the Spanish language from Delhi University.Over the period of three years in the college, I have learned a lot about the rooted Spanish culture, its compelling history, and engaging literature. 
Besides being a regular student of those interesting college lectures, I was an active participant in various co-curricular activities:

   •    I worked as a screenplay writer, director, and actor in two short movies.
   •    I further acted in two plays based out on Spanish movies.
   •    I translated a Hindi song in Spanish language and made a Prezi on it.
   •    I created a travel itinerary and brochure.

Soon after I completed my first year in my college with first division, I started giving tuitions to other Spanish students. This has helped me a lot in establishing a strong caliber in teaching and evolve as an enduring and effective tutor.

The Summer Internship at Modlingua is a major step to explore new avenues and vistas in the translation realm. With this renowned internship opportunity, I aspire to gain a professional experience as a translator and expand my proficient horizons further.  My chosen area of development in this internship are Project Management and Quality Standards, Social Media Marketing, Computer Assisted Tools, and YouTubing and Video Casting.

Talking about my hobbies, music pacifies my soul and give my energies a positive direction. 

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foto perfilFrancisco Landazábal
I am a certified Project Manager, business developer and Data Center specialist (Design); with outstanding soft skills gained from a successful career of 20+ years in the Electrical industry. I do have strong capabilities to lead groups of people and motivate them into applying all their best to their jobs. As a philosopher from the Jesuit university in Bogota, Colombia, I consider myself having a great drive of the Spanish Language in terms of lexical precision and grammar correctness. My main purpose in becoming a professional translator is to enhance my teamwork perspective and to contribute to human communication in my areas of expertise. 

I have interest in fine arts because of being a mid-career artist with other professional expertise to offer which is my deep understanding of environmental sustainability and green energy technologies, coming from a professional certificate from Stanford University in "Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies". In summary, you can rely on me as a translator of the language pairs: English to Spanish and Spanish to English, for humanistic and engineering subjects as well.

It will be an honor to be part of your projects and assignments in the future. 
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Shaifali Khulbe

Currently pursuing my bachelor's in French language from JNU, I wish to pursue my higher studies in the field of linguistics, preferably computational linguistics due to keen interest in computer science and prior knowledge of the same.  Also, I am doing a diploma in Computer science currently.

Willing to bring a change in the underpriviledged children's lives, I am also involved with my university's local NGO as a volunteer where I teach the kids Science and Maths till class 12th with special focus on English. A tutor since my days in school, I am also a home tutor currently teaching Science and French to school children till class 10th.

A musician and a guitarist, in my leisure time I like to compose and record music as a hobby.

I look forward to opt for translation and interpretation as a profession in the near future.  As an intern in Modlingua I wish to become proficient in quality translation, entrepreneurship, computer assisted translation tools, project management and blogging.

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18221878 10210938294225991 5905491626454197156 nHellen de Paula

I’m currently finishing my 6th semester to get my Bachelor’s Degree in English by the Universidade Estadual do Ceará, in Brazil. 

My main expertises are gaming, culinary, literature, and sports. I’ve been reading entire books in English since I was 15 years-old and I have been translating those books into Brazilian Portuguese, for myself, just for fun ever since, so I have almost 10 years of unofficial experience.
I love to read books, especially comic books, I also love to read articles on social issues, play my ukulele, watch FC Barcelona’s soccer matches, and I’m currently learning how to draw. Besides all of that, I occasionally offer my house as a foster home to rescued animals until I can find them a forever home, rescuing animals is something I’m very passionate about, and apart from being a successful and skilled translator, having my own animal shelter is a huge dream of mine.
I found out about Modlingua through Proz and I thought it was a great opportunity to grow as a translator, gain professional knowledge and hone my skills. I decided to develop a core competency in Content Writing and Citizen Journalism, Project Management and Quality Standards, Busines Development, and Computer Assisted Tools (CAT Tools).
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img 7888Florence Kerns

I am Florence Kerns from Los Angeles, CA, USA. I studied Hindi, Urdu, and translation at the University of Texas, Austin and the American Institute of Indian Studies in Jaipur and Lucknow, India. Upon graduating, I moved to Santiago, Chile for a year to teach English and perfect my Spanish.

I now work in Los Angeles as an SEO Specialist in online marketing. I am hoping to hone my translation skills in order to work as a professional translator. I am also excited to meet others with the same passion for languages as I have.

When I'm not reading and writing in various languages, I'm hiking, knitting, or cooking up a great meal. 

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snapchat 553974898TUSHARIKA GUPTA

Tusharika Gupta is pursuing B.A.(Hons.) French from Amity University, Noida. She is in her 3rd (final year) of graduation. Over the period of 2 years she has studied French in context to language, civilization, history, media, developed speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.

She reads extensively about France and its cultural links. She is a person of dynamic nature and an extrovert. She wants to utilise her French language to obtain a challenging assignment in a reputed organisation where her potentials get a positive approach and where she can learn and grow both personally and professionally. Also, to be a part of a dynamic communicative team that strives to deliver reliable, high quality and innovative work.

Tusharika has also voluntarily worked for college events and various social activities. With a multilingual approach, she aims to link her foreign language knowledge with other sectors like, media. Apart from technology she loves to travel as wants to explore new places and new things in life.

To gain knowledge and proficiency in the French language, she is looking forward to work and grow in an organisational institution, in the field of language interpreter/translator. At this age she can learn and adapt fast, which are her strengths. She aspires to be a professional translator with time and would like to explore this possibility also to see how the foreign language functions in various other fields. As an intern in Modlingua, she chose Content Writing and Citizen Journalism, Project Management and Quality Standards, blogging and Social Marketing during Modlingua Internship Programme to enhance her knowledge.


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p 20170122 145748 bf 1 Sumit Arora

Learning a foreign language not only adds a skill in you but also makes you confident, expressive, fluent and smarter. Confident and positive people can master in any language. I believe language is not difficult if one can do hard work. Nowadays, language is not just a medium to interact with people and express your views but also a medium of earning money. A polyglot can interact with many communities and hence, recruiters get attracted towards polyglot people. It's also improves our memory and attention. 

He graduated with B.A.Program from Delhi University, New Delhi. He continued completing his certificate, diploma in German from Satyawati college and advance diploma in German from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University during his graduation. He also has 1 year of experience as a German home tutor with Home tuitions agencies in New Delhi and has been tutoring students of all levels. He likes to read articles on different subjects with slow music. He wants to become a Business tycoon in his language field. He would like to be recognized internationally as a great professional, and to reach this objective he is always improving his practical experience and knowledge in the area.

He is actively involved with FRIEND SOCIAL FOUNDATION  and since one year teaching there to poor students. 

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Asif Ali

My self Asif Ali and i am an Italian language expert working since 7 years in the field of language and relevant projects in the language pair of Italian and English. i have good command over Hindi and Urdu also. i have done my Graduation in Italian language and literature from Delhi university,depatt of GRS Arts faculty. I am grateful to modlingua to provide me this opportunity to work with interns across the world and under the guidance and supervision of experts,specially Mr Ravi Sir.

I believe in hard and smart work and i am always eager to learn from my colleagues and seniors. During the programme,my main focus will be learning the uses and application of languages beyond conventional and traditional trends to make a strong presence in the field of business and commerce. Looking forward with positive approach.

Certified Quality Translation Services in Delhi