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img 20170611 wa0013Himani Khera

Graduated in B.Com (h) from school of Open Learning, Delhi University along with Diploma in French language from Alliance Française, Delhi. I have completed B2 level, DELF B1 and translation course in French language. I have also done Advance diploma in French from St. Stephens college, Delhi university. I am punctual and willing to work in a team. I give French language tuitions up to 10th std. Which help me gain a lot of patience.

I chose to do French language as I have interest in learning different cultures. Moreover, a language helps us become broad minded. A bilingual or multilingual is able to communicate and serve more people in a better way.

Apart from language, I have acquired a certificate in Tally ERP.9 from Lal Bahadur Shastri and Ms Office WOW+ programme from NIIT.

During my leisure, I like to read books, swim, dance, travel, explore, and play badminton. I always look forward to learn new things. I believe knowledge is power and there is no age bar for acquiring knowledge.

My goal is to enter corporate world and hence I chose to join Modlingua as a management intern to develop my skills in Content Writing and citizen journalism, Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Computer Assisted Tools (CAT Tools), which offer the opportunity to gain exposure to numerous management areas and diversify my talents.

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Basically a Civil d’man working for western railways as Senior Sectional Engineer(Drawing) since last 30 years. Aprt from this a social worker since childhood presently shouldering the responsibility as National Deputy Secretary General (IT cell) of Bharatiya Railway Mazdoor Sangh
which is an Industrial Unit of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh(BMS).

Extensively works on computer for updating website and social media for BRMS union activities, interested to interact with people in hindi  and develop stoical media network for BRMS to reach entire railway families as well as to develop professional translation skills in hindi as well as English , freelance in hindi literature projects and develop entrepreneurship skill overall.

Graduated (B.A) with English literature from Dr.Ambedkar open university, Hyderabad. 

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NishaNisha Kumari

After completing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering form MRIU and M.Tech in Information Security from BIT. I have completed Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N4 ) from Nihongo Center, (New Delhi).

I have been learning Japanese and aspire to do Ph.D. My research area is related to unsupervised machine learning and social media. I have been always anxious about gaining knowledge and learn about people, places and life. I believe learning a new language always opens a door for u to get into a culture. I already see horizon for looking into work culture or life has expanding after learning little about Japanese.

I have worked as volunteer in fest, was active member of photographic society at my college and also involved in teaching rural students. I wish to explore more about languages and its benefits fortunate to get an opportunity to do summer internship at Modlingua and learn how can we use our  languages  skills for social media, digital marketing, content writing which will add value to my knowledge and profile.

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12671961 969814173087801 6168523110958324931 oSonali Jain
She was born on 17th July 1996 in Alwar, Rajasthan. She did her Graduation (with 81.86%) in German Studies from 
University of Delhi in July 2014 and then completed her Masters (with 77.44%) in July 2016. At the age of 18 she was awarded DAADGerman Academic Exchange Service) HSK (Hochschulommerkursstipendium) 2014 scholarship and visited Germany to attend a language course “Studienvorbereitungskurs Deutsch Intensiv” at LMU (Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich).
Then within the framework of the program 
of German Academic Exchange Service “A New Passage to India” she was invited to visit the Bergische Universität Wuppertal in June 2015 for the period of three months to work on a Hindi-German Translation Project. Currently 21 years old Sonali is pursuing her MPhil in German from the Department of Germanic and Romance Studies and teaching Part Time German Language Course in Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. 

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dscn0123 copySoham Jayesh Buch, a B. Com. (Accounts, Statistics), an MBA (Finance), MFA – CFA (India), is a language enthusiast. He started his career as a tutor of languages Sanskrit and Gujarati for the standard 10 board students.

With reference to rising influence of the English language and culture in modern societies world over, he started taking interested in translation and literary works for the preservation of the local language and culture.

Historically, in his career he has progressed as a Macro Analyst at a US based market research company -  Marketrealist Incorporation. He published market research articles in English as a business associate. He is now working as a Risk Analyst with an Ahmedabad based commodity company - Dharmdeep Commodities Pvt Ltd. Here also he provides a unique risk perspective to the business partners. He has been sharing some of his works through LinkedIn with society at large. He is to try his hands on the languages Gujarati, Hindi and English from a professional point of view for translation and literary works with internship at Modlingua.com.

With the internship, he would try to explore the opportunities in the Hindi - Gujarati - English literary works, translation and subjective research to avail for the Indian locals with professional accuracy.

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Vidyanand BharatiVidyanand Bharati has done graduation in Japanese Language from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. After completing his Intermediate, he decided to learn language. Just after his (+2) he took admission in Banaras Hindu University. But, the course curriculum which had a divided focus on different subjects rather than just focusing on languages changed his mind and next year, he took admission in JNU in Centre of Japanese Studies.

He focused not only on language but also the literature and culture of Japan. He showed good academic performance and received Shinnyo-en Scholarship in 2015 and 2016. He qualified JLPT N3 level in August 2016. In November 2016, he got the opportunity to participate in JENESYS Programme, a student and cultural exchange programme, organized by JICE, Japan. After getting a broad view of culture and economy of Japan through the programme, he decided to continue his Language Study

As an Intern of Modlingua, he opted to develop his skills in the field of Project Management and Quality Standards, Online Marketing, Business Development and CAT tools. Apart from Language studies, he holds keen interest in field of IT and is skilled in MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint and CMS based web-development (WordPress). He also holds knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java. His Hobbies include reading books and learning music (Piano). He loves online learning and is a strong believer in “Everything is in front of us, just clicks away. It’s us, who decide how we utilize and learn from it”.
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Maria Eugenia Padron

Maria is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Linguistics, with a minor concentration on French Translation and Business Administration. She’s pursuing her degree in Truman State University, USA. She comes from Venezuela. She’s a native speaker of Spanish, and has C1 proficiency in English, and B2 proficiency in French. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, watching movies and series, spending time with friends and family, dancing, swimming, and learning about languages and different cultures. She’ll also be studying during this summer to acquire the CELTA certification to become an ESL teacher. She plans on becoming a researcher after getting her bachelor's degree and document the indigenous warao language and culture  in Venezuela. Having her Linguistics degree, CELTA certification and after becoming a certified translator in the future, she plans to keep on learning other languages, travel to different cultures, and help people understand each other and the world as a diverse place, with different languages and cultures within it, be it as a linguistic scientist, a teacher or a translator.

Her passion for languages and entrepreneurship led her to become an intern for Modlingua this summer of 2017. Eager to learn work on skills that can help her become a person that can create and manage projects and businesses, specially if oriented to the translation business as an entrepreneur, she will focus on the following areas while working for Modlingua: Computer Assisted Tools, web development, project management and quality standards, and social media marketing.

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RMWRebecca Ariadna Moreno White is a graduate student in Translation and Interpreting (Spanish, English and French) by the University of Málaga (Spain). During her B.A. she specialized in Conference Interpreting and completed extra courses in Business English and Orthography, Typography and Style Editing. Rebecca also had the opportunity of studying at Ghent University (Belgium) during the third year of her studies, thanks to the Erasmus+ grant.
Her working experience ranges from being a Scientific Translator (EN<>ES) in the research group LEXYTRAD (Lexicography and Translation, ref. HUM 106) for the project “EC+-Enhancing communication”, as well as reviewing and adding resources for research projects such as INTELITERM (Intelligent Terminology Management System for Translators) and TEMITUR; to having experiences in teaching languages such as Spanish and English in academies, with different age groups and at various levels.
Apart from the languages she works with (Spanish, English and French), she has accepted other challenges, which have led her to acquire language skills also in German and Italian. Through experiences living abroad and travelling to various countries, she is able to increase her passion and drive for learning new languages and their cultures.
Rebecca Moreno White is currently a Trainee at Modlingua, where she is improving her other skills by working on topics such as Project Management and Quality Standards, Business Development, Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing. She chose these topics after finding interest in them while completing MOOCs in Digital Marketing and Digital Strategy.

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mohamed s photoMohamed Saleh

With a B.A. degree in English and translation from Misr International University (MIU), Mohamed Saleh, from Egypt, is passionate for learning languages, acquiring a high level of fluency in Arabic, English, and Spanish. He has a diploma in translation and interpreting from the American University in Cairo (AUC). He is always eager to develop new skills and hone old ones in many different fields. Since he has always been a learning enthusiast, he is working with  leading institutions nationally as Al-Ahram media institution and the Egyptian National Center for Translation and internationally in Modlingua Certified Translation Services in India.

Apart from working as an English <> Arabic translator, interpreter, and proofreader, he teaches Arabic to non-native speakers. He has a keen interest in reading, and writing poetry and short stories. He attended more than 15 conferences in the field of linguistics, literature, and translation.  He aspires to do his MA and PhD degree in translation in one of the prominent universities in the United States of America. Moreover, he wants to develop his skills in content writing and citizen journalism, project management and quality standards, business development, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Saleh likes traveling, meeting new people, and knowing new cultures to widen his horizons. With the help of Modlingua, he is looking forward to gaining new skills in many different domains including translation. 

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Valentina Macías IsazaValentina Macías Isaza

Valentina Macías Isaza, English-French-Spanish Translator from the University of Antioquia. Currently pursuing M.A Honours with Research in English at the University of Mumbai. Valentina has worked as English-French-Spanish Interpreter for The International Poetry Festival of Medellín (Premio Nobel Alternativo 2006) (2014, 2017). Has published Spanish translations of Sueño de una noche de verano (Midsummer Night’s Dream) by William Shakespeare (Palabras Rodantes, Medellín, 2014), Cartas a un joven poeta (Letters to a Young Poet) by Rainer María Rilke (Palabras Rodantes, Medellín, 2015), El vuelo del pintor by French poet Renaud Baillet (Ediciones Hominis Solaris, Medellín, 2015), book of poems Fisionomía de las sombras (Physionomie des ombres) by Renaud Baillet (Ediciones Hominis Solaris, Medellín, 2016), and English translation of All the Words Together Attain The silence Todas las palabras reunidas consiguen el silencio) by Colombian poet and author Luis Fernando Macías (Artepoética Press Inc., New York, 2017.)

A Foreign Language Teacher & International Business Developer Executive with the passion for the Mind, Literature, Poetry, Photography, Songwriting, Philosophy, Painting, Screenwriting, Handcrafting, Directing, Pursuing Challenges & Conversing. Dancer, Singer, & Storyteller at heart. She loves all sports, going swimming, trekking & playing board games. She wants to bring Cultures together through her work and learn as many languages as she possibly can. Intern during the Summer Internship program for Modlingua in 2017. The four chosen areas of work during the internship are: Entrepreneurship, Computer Assisted Tools (CAT Tools), Blogging, and Content Writing & Citizen Journalism.

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