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2016 10 30 21 39 20 909Hi, I am Menka kumari and I am from Bihar. Recently I have done my Graduation   in Korean language from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. During my graduation I had participated in many Korean cultural programs like Fan dance, Taekwondo and volunteering as well. I hold Topik level 2 in Korean language and I have more than basic knowledge of Turkish. I also had the occasion of doing an internship with the Balance Hero. My hobbies are teaching, playing chess and watching Korean drama and TV Series. I want to become a professional Korean to Hindi or English translator And I also want to translate the hind literatures to Korean granth.

My summer vacations are going on. As I am keen learner I want to utilize my Vacation time by doing internship at Modlingua, I know Modlingua will be a good platform for me to gain professional knowledge of Working as an intern.  Modlingua is a great opportunity for me. I have chosen: Online marketing, Social media marketing, Content writing and citizen journalism and Project management and quality standards. These will help in developing my strength.

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Bhavneet has appeared in final year examination and will soon become a proud graduate with a Bachelor Degree (Hons.) in Japanese Language from internationally famed Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. In his grueling course of 3 years (2014-2017), he learnt about the nooks and crannies of Japanese Culture, the very fabric of their society: modern yet deeply rooted in old age traditions and beliefs, under the fortunate tutelage of esteemed teachers like Prof. Ashok Kumar Chawla, Advisor to Japan, India.  

He is an avid reader and an occasional poet, keen participator in co-curricular activities, securing 2nd position in Japanese Language, Speech Contest 2015 and a participation privilege in national contest in the same category. He was the Event Host in Japanese Culture Festival “Kizuna 2016 and 2017” organized by JNU, powered by Embassy of Japan and MOSAI.

Moreover, he also has ‘few feathers of experience in his cap’, including Hindi-English translation of articles, production assistant of an event management firm, teacher’s assistant to a professor and a private tutor of English, Science and Mathematics for 3 years. He wishes to pursue his life journey as an accomplished diplomat (Indo-Japan relations), influential teacher and a highly functioning translator and interpreter.

Modlingua will be a great platform to learn the essential skills of content writing and citizen journalism, project management and quality standards, business development and computer assisted tools (CAT Tools). He believes this internship will be the first step in a series of many towards the realization of his goals.

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2016 08 26 23 14 18 188Surabhi Tripathi       

I have completed my Graduation (BIOTECHNOLOGY) in 2009 & PGDM (Marketing) in 2012. I did two year job related to my learnings in academics but gradually developed the interest for becoming linguist (ENGLISH HINDI) and since one year I am working with some good clients/agencies, naming some of them 1. IndiaTrans 2. Skype localization (Microsoft) 3. Motaword etc. and well versed with some of CAT TOOLS.

I always try to learn new things to update myself and aim to become a perfectionist in my work and to develop my work as much as possible so that I can grow my knowledge of my language & can show the path to others for further growth.
I see Modilingua as one of the best place to connect with the environment where I can explore my abilities at most. These are the 4 areas where I would like to focus 1. Social Media Marketing 2. Business Development 3. Content Writing & Citizen Journalism 4. Project Management & Quality Standards.

My hobbies are: Painting and sketching, Listening music, Interaction with new people, Dance.

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MargaretMargaret Wiens

My name is Margaret Wiens and I’m from Ontario, Canada. I have been an undergraduate student for six years in total, including four at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario and two years at the University of Ottawa. I have two Bachelor’s degrees in French studies and French-English Translation, where I developed strong communication skills in both oral and written French. In 2014 I spent one semester living and attending school in St. Étienne, France in order to deepen my knowledge of French culture and language. I was also able to travel to 12 European and African countries.

I entered the translation program in 2015; over the last two years I have completed internships at a translation agency in Toronto and with the Translation Bureau in Ottawa. Both practicums allowed me to work with specialized domains and improve my French comprehension and English writing skills in those areas. Among the most significant fields were business financing and marketing, as well as legal translation: one day I hope to translate court decisions and other legal texts for the Government of Canada. In the summer I work at a winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, where I can meet people from all over the world. I also enjoy camping/cottage-ing and exploring the local wine region.

As an intern at Modlingua I hope to learn about and become proficient in content writing and citizen journalism, project management and quality standards, online marketing and computer assisted translation tools.

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Lavanya Joshi

A graduate of Miranda House, Delhi University, has completed her C1 level in German language from Goethe Institute New Delhi and is currently a student of JNU pursuing M.A.in German Translation/Interpretation .She is someone who has always been highly motivated and is always on a pursuit of learning something new. Achieving excellence and competence whether it is in terms of theory or in terms of practice has always been the ultimate goal for her. Language has always intrigued her and multilingualism being one of the greatest assets in today’s globalized world pushed her towards this journey of learning a new language. At this stage in life, she wants to enter the professional realm of being a translator with a strong hold on all the aspects in connection with this job and therefore eagerly wants to be a part of one of India’s best translation agency Modlingua, further substantiating her pursuit for excellence.

Through this internship she wants to have more knowledge and expertise in building a strong hold on the social media marketing, which has become a basic platform to showcase and advertise ones professional achievements to acquire a solid ground for further professional assignments. An in hand experience with CAT is also something that she is keen on learning to keep up to date with the ever changing environment of professional fields.

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Although Ana Teresa Gaspar was born and raised in Brazil, she has Portuguese citizenship. She holds a chemical engineering degree from the State University of Maringá, Brazil, an M.A. in chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in petroleum sciences and engineering both from the University of Campinas, Brazil. Currently, she´s also a student of English <> Brazilian Portuguese translation

She works as a researcher at UNISIM, Research Group in Reservoir Simulation and Management, since 2007, working on decision analysis in E&P projects, reservoir simulation and optimization of petroleum exploitation strategies.

She is Portuguese mother tongue, loves English, French and Spanish. Her academic background has exposed her to a variety of writing projects including authorship and co-authorship of several journal articles and paper conferences, preparation of technical reports and peer review for the Elsevier Journals.

​Ana’s fascination with languages combined with an extensive experience and qualifications in the Oil & Gas and R & D fields were instrumental in leading her to the translation world. She collaborates on translating and reviewing engineering reports and localizing documents for Solpe – Science and Petroleum Engineering Solutions.

Her fields of specialization include Business, Energy, Financial, IT, Legal and Marketing. As an intern at Modlingua her interests lie in the areas of Content Writing and Citizen Journalism, Project Management and Quality Standards, Social Media Marketing and CAT Tools.

She enjoys traveling and reading.  Ana also takes a French literature course at Alliance Française focusing on the work of Marcel Proust – À la recherche du temps perdu.

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 Tanu RajwanshMy name is Tanu Rajwansh. I have done my schooling from Springdale College Lucknow. I wanted to do something different in life and be productive at the same time so, I pursued my BA Hons in  Korean  language from Jawaharlal Nehru University (2014-2017).

Language learning is very important as it is a bridge to join people and cultures. While doing my graduation I have done the interpretation for  Balancehero  Company in January 2017. I have done a translation of GST text for a Korean company in May 2017. I have actively participated in college in Korean cultural activities like essay competition (2014 and 2015), volunteering in Hangeul Day(2014), Korean fan dance(2016), Korean Drama(2016).

I also have a keen interest in Social Media Marketing, Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing. Therefore I have chosen these fields in Modlingua Internship (2017) to enhance and vast my knowledge in these areas. Always ready to accept the challenges, learn new things and imply in life to be successful. My hobbies are reading, singing, swimming, and social media. I will be pursuing my MA in Korean language from Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2017. I have an interest in teaching and research, therefore, I want to become a professor in the same field and contribute new techniques in foreign language teaching area as a researcher.

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img 20161102 094949837Risha Nasa
With a M.A in French from Jawaharlal Nehru University with a specialization in Translation and Interpretation and currently working at All India Radio for past 1.5 years as a French language translator and announcer, she seeks to learn new things and is always curious to explore. She is also a graduate in Economics from Delhi University and has completed her MBA from IP University.
Her connection with French is very long as she started studying from class fourth in her school DPS Dwarka, she continued completing her diploma and advance diploma during her graduation from St. Stephens after which she attended classes at Alliance Française de Delhi. She also has 7 month of experience as a French teacher in Sachdeva Global School Dwarka, New Delhi and has been tutoring students of all levels for five years now.
She likes to read articles on different subjects and listen to slow music. She aims to be a translator and continue teaching French to students. She would like to be recognized nationally and internationally as a great professional, and to reach this objective she is always improving her practical experience and knowledge in the area.One of her long term goals is to establish an NGO of her own.

Richa is currently doing her internship at Modlingua and she has special interest in Content Writing and Citizen Journalism, Blogging,Web Development and Project Management.
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Dujender Yadav 

I am from Haryana, India but I reside with my family in Delhi , First of all I would like to thank Mr. Ravi Kumar Sir and his team for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our dream and stepping towards achieving our goal. It gives me immense pleasure to express myself, I am a B tech Graduate from Maharshi Dayanand University, Haryana.  And since last year I have been learning Portuguese as my first foreign language from Department of Germanic and Romance studies university of Delhi India. The course was basically an introduction to language with some cultural exposure I gradually gained the interest in the language by now I can fluently read and write in Portuguese and in the coming academic session I would be pursuing advance level in Portuguese language as now it has been a passion for me to learn the language and know its linguistic and cultural aspects. I have developed great interest in translation and in my near future I am also planning to pursue with my second foreign language i.e Spanish as an addition to my lingual competencies.

Through this internship I would like to Conquer the core  business  aspects in the genre of translation practices which would help me in my near future as a translator, my field of interest are : 1. Content writing and citizen journalism 2. Business development 3. Social media marketing 4. Online marketing, I expect that after successful completion of the internship I would get an exposure of the factual Situation so that I can pursue my career as a renowned translator not only in India but in abroad too.

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​​I am Chingnu and have done my bachelors in Korean language(2014-17) from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Over the period of these 3 years I have studied Korean in context to  language,history,culture and developed my speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. Apart from Korean language I have acquired fluency in English, Hindi and Thadou kuki which is my native language. And have elementary knowledge of Japanese and Spanish as well. I have volunteered in International  Youth Fellowship(2012-2014) as a volunteer, a team leader and teacher. I have keen interest in meeting new people, learn new language, and explore unique cultures. I have energetically and optimistically dealt with many young students during the workshops and camps in many different cities of India.
Apart from education, I have gain recognition in Art from National Education and Human Resource Development Organisation. I also have keen interest in singing, playing guitar, photography ,social media marketing and blogging.

I am currently doing internship at Modlingua Learning Pvt Ltd and my areas of core competency is content writing and citizen journalism,social media marketing,blogging and you tubing and video casting. And with my abilities of being multilinguistic I aspire to challenge the business and translation world using my language ability as a medium of advantage.
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