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Anjali test image Chawla
A French scholar currently pursuing Bachelors from Doon University. Her objective is to work in a stimulating and challenging milieu that would facilitate the maximum utilization and application of her broad skills in making positive difference to the organizations or institutions wherever she works. She has always been optimistic who likes to explore new horizons . She is determined and focused towards her goal of being a French professor .

She has acquired knowledge in French language, culture, civilization, and linguistics. She has a wide knowledge of European Union as well. She has organized various french programmes held at her university . As a student , she has been giving tuition's to students till class-10 . At present she is working as an intern at Modlingua to gain some professional experience . She is  also planning to do a certificate course in German language .
A dedicated student who is a team player with strong  interpersonal and excellent communication skills in English , Hindi , French and Punjabi language. Under her personal traits, Punctuality is her first priority. She possesses a structured approach to problem solving and meeting deadlines. She is capable of working with a positive attitude and adaptable to new environment. She is highly motivated and eager to learn new things . Anjali also has a keen interest in event organizing and reading as well.
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Tahzibul HasanTahzibul Hasan, a student of Persian language, very passionate and active about learning historical things which are related to Persian histories as well as ancient Indian histories.Currently,pursuing B.A Honors in Persian  from Jawaharlal Nehru University and as a intern at modlingua.com.He is a multilingual, can efficiently communicate in Hindi,Urdu,Persian,  better knows how to interpret new subject to others.He is very hopeful and confident about the future he wants to do a broad research in Persian language and explore  all the works of Rumi and Sheikh Saadi,who left a vast impact in the world and also interested in doing research on Mughal history. He wants to be skilled in translator and interpreter and an expert content writer.He sees himself as a professor of Persian language in a reputed university.He has done certificate in French from Jamia Millia Islamia University as well

in aditton,He is also active and taking part in social works,was a volunteer in a blanket   distribution  to poor families by raising money  and was also a volunteer in a career counseling programs in different schools.he likes to playing chess and once won a hostel championship of chess and loves travelling and exploring and learning about new cultures and traditions. 

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img 8024I am Abhishek kumar. I had done my schooling from jawahar navodya vidyalaya, Gopalganj and siwan (Bihar) I have done my graduation (2014-2017), In Korean Language from center for Korean studies. Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi). I have good knowledge of written as well as oral skills in English, Hindi and Korean language. And also in Bhojpuri language which is reason language in Bihar.
As I am a foreign language student, my focus is more on developing my language skills and inter relations between India and Korea as well, for which I have developed strong attachment not only in Korean language but also in its culture, Natives, history, economic growths . And another side, I like to take challenges and always want to learn new things, that’s the reason I have chosen foreign language after the completion of my high school, as I was a commerce student in my school. Main target of my life is always do something new in life so, I found this internship with Modlingua as an opportunity to learn the meaning and understanding of translation and understand the business dynamics and explore the possibilities of incorporating technological innovations in the field of translation. In future I want to do job in multinational company as translator or interpreter. Thank you                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                .
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Leonardo Faig

Studying Translation (English - Portuguese) in Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Leonardo Faig has great level of fluency in English. He was a teacher of English in Bogotá, Colombia for 8 months, so he has some skills with Spanish. He also had some classes of French and German. He made courses of translation strategies and always tried to learn something from different areas of study, improving his knowledge and also his work. Leonardo Faig is also graduated in Keyboard Techniques and Musical Theory. He is now focusing himself in Project Management and Quality Standards, Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Social Media Marketing.  

Leonardo Faig is always seeking to discover different aspects of culture in various countries. This is important for a translator to gain experience with different expressions and work in various situations. He also seeks to explore new fields in the future, reading, travelling and having a lot of experiences. He is also a writer, and released two books in Brazil so far, one in 2013 and another in 2015.

He is eager to embrace the corporation world and chose to join Modlingua to start developing more experience and great connections inside the area, with great professionals, for the present and also the future.

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VKVeerk Kartik

Since Language is the medium of communication, spoken or written and Spanish being spoken in a number of countries, there is an opportunity to talk to a lot of people and understand different cultures and their traditions, with that in mind, after his Intermediate in Science, Veer chose to learn Spanish. Veer is a student of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in the Centre for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Latin American Studies where he has just completed the 2nd year of B.A. (Hons.) Spanish and one year optional course in Portuguese. He has been a student of Instituto Cervantes where he is currently pursuing B1 level, attending cultural programmes such as concerts, plays and has the experience of talking to natives of the Spanish language on a regular basis, thus he is confident in the language. He also has the basic workable knowledge of Portuguese.

Veer has worked with the Exports Promotion Council for Handicrafts (Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India) as a freelancer. He also teaches Spanish to students who have it in their school curriculum. In the upcoming U17 FIFA World Cup, he has been assigned as the TLO of Paraguay.

He is a dedicated, determined and devoted individual to anything he does. His hobbies include playing Cricket, Table Tennis, listening to Music, Reading and learning new things. He aspires to work with the skills he develops in Spain and Latin American countries and if the opportunity arises, with the United Nations.

In order to further develop professional skills, in the Summer vacations, he decided to do an internship at Modlingua. As an Intern, he looks forward to develop his skills in the areas of Content writing and Citizen Journalism, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Social Media Marketing.

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nurul husnaHello! I’m Nurul Husna currently in my second year pursuing B.A. English Language Studies (ELS) programme from School of Humanities in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. I’m minoring in Psychology which got me motivated to use language as a medium to understand human which are known as complex beings. Although a lot of people already able to communicate and write in English language, learning it deeper makes me realize there’s a lot of things that I do not know which impressed me about how language work. Learning foreign language had unfold me to entire different world.

I’m currently doing my internship at Modlingua. I will seize this opportunity to acquire knowledge from the professional in industry and use my passion for English language to enhance skills. To broaden it, I chose Content Writing and Citizen Journalism, Project Management and Quality Standards, Computer Assisted Tools ( CAT Tools), and Web Development. Certainly doing these programs will take me a step closer toward my dreams. There are a lot of misunderstanding in this world because some people are incapable to understand the real intentions of the original writer or speaker. I like reading books and analysing human behaviour and thoughts through different perspectives. Last and foremost, by combining my hobbies with my studies, I aim to bring the original meanings and the raw emotions through proper translation.
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My name is Letícia Carvalho Pereira Pasqualotto and I am from Brazil. I am in the last year of my graduation in translation studies from Federal University of Pelotas, and I work with the pair English < > Portuguese, I have already graduated from an English course. In my university, we do not have a course on how to sell our work and how to start our career as translators and that is what called my attention to this internship at modlingua. The areas I have chosen are Project Management and Quality Standards, Business Development, Social Media Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

I have done some translation in the academic area and in the future, my aim is to become a full time translator. I have interest in the localization area of translation as well as subtitling and translating literary content. I work well in groups and learn fast, I will work hard at this internship and I am eager to learn and develop my skills at modlingua. As translators we are researches and we have to keep an open mind for new concepts and new ideas and I believe modlingua will propose an enlightening and inspiring experience. For hobbies I like to do things that require concentration in order to forget about university, work and other things and pay attention to one thing only, I like to play sports, read and play the cello.

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for modlinguaKumudini Menda

M.Phil, B.Ed, Kumudini is currently teaching in one of the most advanced international schools in Mumbai, having nearly 30 years of teaching experience of various Indian and International curriculum.

Her passion for Hindi and love for educational technology has helped her in implementing various pedagogies required to teach International Baccalaureate program. World class exposure to various in-house, national and international workshops and seminars has ignited the desire in her to bring technology to classroom  which has helped immensely in bringing required changes in the status of Hindi in her school.

She is also an active curriculum developer for various other curriculums owing to her knowledge of instructional designing and experience of employing various teaching techniques and aids. Creating skill based teaching aids and activities are her forte.
Not limiting herself to teaching, she is also an active writer with World Hindi Secretariat, Mauritius, where the organisation strives to promote Hindi at an International level. Currently, she is also working on developing her own website that would be a principal resource pool for all Hindi teaching aids, guidance, worksheets for all grades and curriculum. Her long tenure with an IB school has given her the opportunity to conduct and attend various leadership programs which has helped her prime her skills at classroom management, examination management, etc.

Thanks to the summer internship 2017, through which Modlingua has ignited in her the ambition to take her love for languages further and provided her an opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge in translation, CAT tools, social media marketing and establishing herself as an entrepreneur and a project manager with focus on quality standards.


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Jithin Raj CK

img 20160309 005753tfthrthI am Jithin Raj CK, I have completed my Post Graduation in English from St. Agnes College, Mangalore. I am from Kerala, and I handle English, Hindi and Malayalam. I look forward to explore my skills in translation with my knowledge in English and Hindi. I love to travel and have travelled a lot indeed in India. I love languages especially Hindi and English. I have done two projects during my academics. I want to establish myself in the world of content writing and translation.

In addition, I am a Trained SDE (Skill Development Executive) for ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition Programme) with ‘A’ grade in APTIS conducted by British Council. My area of interest lies in Marxist literature and cultural studies. I have written and presented paper on the topic ‘Ethos and Mythos of Bhil community in Gujarat’ at Vishwa Konkani Centre, Mangalore. I am also a movie enthusiast and watch a quite a number of movies and try to write reviews of my own to increase my writing skills. As a travel enthusiast I would love to explore my knowledge in the field of Travel and tourism, in which my translation would be helpful. With my skills in English and Hindi I look forward to achieve a good position as a translator and would also continue to learn new languages in future so as to expand my area of work. Being in south India has taught me that the use of Hindi in most of places is just in an initial stage. Though people are equipped with higher level of English proficiency they are not channelized into Hindi which is the mode of survival in India. By targeting these areas I plan to put my skills into practice as a translator and also as a help to people in understanding the documents in Hindi.

As an intern at Modlingua I look forward to establish my skills in translation at a higher level. Though I have never done any professional translation work, I have done little assignments on translation during my Graduation and Post graduation as well. In the internship programme I have chosen Social Media marketing, Project management and quality standards, Entrepreneurship, and Online Marketing. I have not gone into these fields, but would like to explore these areas and market my skills in these by learning the essentials through the internship.

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MargaretMargaret Wiens

My name is Margaret Wiens and I’m from Ontario, Canada. I have been an undergraduate student for six years in total, including four at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario and two years at the University of Ottawa. I have two Bachelor’s degrees in French studies and French-English Translation, where I developed strong communication skills in both oral and written French. In 2014 I spent one semester living and attending school in St. Étienne, France in order to deepen my knowledge of French culture and language. I was also able to travel to 12 European and African countries.

I entered the translation program in 2015; over the last two years I have completed internships at a translation agency in Toronto and with the Translation Bureau in Ottawa. Both practicums allowed me to work with specialized domains and improve my French comprehension and English writing skills in those areas. Among the most significant fields were business financing and marketing, as well as legal translation: one day I hope to translate court decisions and other legal texts for the Government of Canada. In the summer I work at a winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, where I can meet people from all over the world. I also enjoy camping/cottage-ing and exploring the local wine region.

As an intern at Modlingua I hope to learn about and become proficient in content writing and citizen journalism, project management and quality standards, online marketing and computer assisted translation tools.

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