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img 20170610 224019 968Bhargavi Das

She is from Guwahati, Assam. A recent Post Graduate in Political Science from Hyderabad Central University 2015-17 batch. Graduated from Guwahati University in the same discipline itself. Completed the A1 level certificate course in German, French, and Spanish language with A+ grade offered by the Hyderabad Central University during my academic year. Worked as an editor in school and college magazine. she had been associated with National Human Rights Commission and Andhra Pradesh Human Rights Commission as an intern. She was also active in social activities and student's politics being a member of the student’s union body in college.She also worked as a Northeast Representative in Hyderabad central University 2016-17. Have command over 4 languages i.e. English, Hindi, Assamese (mother tongue) and Bengali. She is also very fond of learning new languages.

Hobbies: traveling new places and to explore about different customs and traditions of people around the globe and dancing. Want to pursue her further studies in the field of Human Rights issues in the world and according to her knowing a basic of foreign language would be an edge in her research study. 

She have chosen Content writing and Citizen Journalism, Project Management and Quality standards and Entrepreneurship, where she will be focusing more on building her strength. 

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gita3 inau kep 05 06 2017Brigita Pudjodarminto

She is a native Indonesian of Javanese descent and has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Diploma in English. She has strong commitments when dealing with clients. Years of experiences in translation have taught her a lot on how to transfer meaning from sources into target languages.

Ms. Brigita is the founder and owner of Gita Bahasa and Translator. From all her working experiences, not only did she seize the opportunity to deepen her understanding of various working knowledge, networking, international and multinational working environment, as well as language and linguistic, but she was also able to enhance her translation knowledge and skills. In a nutshell, being a translator and interpreter-cum­Indonesian and English teacher has constantly nurtured her sheer love for translation, fed her creative drive, and ignited her passion for people development. It has become her continued commitment to provide high-quality translations and to never let words fail us.

She loves writing and translating. As she believes, that the best translations tend to be made by people who is also a writer. A writer will make the translation flows wonderfully and feels like an amazing text.

Ms. Brigita is currently doing her internship at Modlingua and she has a special interest in Content Writing and Citizen Journalism, Project Management and Quality Standard, Business Development and Social Media Marketing. Through this internship, she wants to have more knowledge to strengthen social networking marketing, to make new work partnerships and share this fantastic knowledge involved in the translator's work.
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Ananya Anant 2b4ab499 64d8 4618 818a 5699ae8684eb

My name is Ananya Anant and I am from Deoghar, Jharkhand . I did my graduation in foreign language (Russian) from  Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and waiting for my results. I have good command on my languages i.e. Russian and English. As per my interest, I took participation in many events held in our university like essay writing, poem recitation, quiz compeitition and so on. Beside that, I learnt Turkish for one year. My mother tongue is Hindi. I have good practice in extempore. I regularly practice in translating and interpreting. . I have very much interest in outdoor and indoor games. Recently, I won gold medal in chess held in our school of language, Jawaharlal Nehru University. My hobbies are playing games, travelling , trekking and dancing . I perfomed in many cultural events which were held in our university. Recently, I went to Musoorie, Rishikesh , Agra, Gochar (near Kedarnath), Shimla and Kasol. I went to many historical places in Delhi like Red Fort , Purana Quila, Jama Masjid , Qutub Minar. Beside that, I am good in management. 

I am hard worker and quick learner. I want to focus on building my strength in translating, interpreting and guiding. I am very determined in doing my work. I found Russian language, a very interesting language. So,I want to develop my skills in every field related to my language.  I am always ready to take challenges and ready to learn new things. I am good in team work and easily adapt new environment. I am doing internship in Modlingua and as a fresher it is a good field for startup and learning also.  

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Shahzaib Rais

1529845 10202103607143831 527347389 oI am Shahzaib Rais. I have done M.A. in French (2015-17) from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. Over the period of these two years, I have studied French literature, history, culture and the teaching of French as a foreign language. Translation Studies is another discipline whose methodologies and strategies were of special interest to me during the coursework. Prior to this, I also hold an M.A. in Sociology and M.Phil in European Studies from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi. I have already worked as Junior Librarian in Alliance Française de Delhi. I have also had the occasion of doing an internship with the reputed organisation Butterflies, which works with homeless children.

I aspire to be a professional translator who could work with any combination within the four languages – English, French, Hindi and Urdu. In this regard, I envisage the present internship with Modlingua as an opportunity to learn the nuances of translation and understand the business dynamics and explore the possibilities of incorporating technological innovations in the field of translation. 

My ambition is a career that is diverse - not only in terms of the languages, societies and cultures around me, but also in terms of the subjects, skills and methodologies I am exposed to in/directly. 

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Astha Srivastav

Astha is a graduate student of the School of Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University in BA Honour, Japanese. 

In her three years of learning Japanese she not only gained skills as a Japanese translator but also gained knowledge about Japanese culture, history and literature. She further took part in various events organised by her university such as seminars, workshops on origami, ikebana, calligraphy etc. She has also participated in singing in kizuna since her first year as a student of Japanese.

Through her three years in graduation she has learned how to translate and interpret Japanese to English and vice-versa, and would like to explore this possibility also to see how the Japanese language functions in various other fields. She aspires to be a professional translator with time.  

She would like to learn through Modlingua how to improve so as to become an entrepreneur, how to pursue content writing and citizen journalism,  CAT tools and Project management and quality standards. 

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picsart 06 13 07 07 27Imroz Ahmed

Hello,my name is Imroz Ahmed Ansari.I have done my graduation from B.com(hons) from Satyawati College,University of Delhi and also done A1 level of Portugues language from Embassy of Portugal,New Delhi.Right now i am planning to pursue A2 level of Portugues language from Embassy of Portugal,New Delhi or University of Delhi  and also M.B.A from I.G.N.O.U New Delhi.

I love to learn European language and want to make my carrier in European languages.I will do M.A,Mphil in Portugues language after completing my B1 level of Portugues language.I like exploring and interacting with new peoples and places.I feel so great to join with Modlingua and its my honour to do internship with Modlingua.Thank You so much Modlingua for giving me the chance to improve my skill and language.

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khushbooKhushboo Mehta

She has done Bachelors in German from Delhi University with first division. After that, she has done Masters in translation and Interpretation in German. She has scored tremendously well in both the fields. Besides that, she was also awarded with the scholarship from DAAD to do an intensive course in Germany in the year 2015. She also awarded with third prize in Indo-German Mela for writing an essay about Germany.
She is a professor, translator and trainer by profession. She has been teaching German since past few years. She has an experience teaching German in a variety of settings. She teaches in Delhi University and also at a reputed institute handling different age groups- Children, Doctors, Engineers etc. She does freelancing for an international firm. 

Being a part of college, she makes sure that her students also engage themselves in other activities. So many a times, she organizes workshops for her students to arouse interest for this language. Since her college days, she was also always keen in participating into engaging activities which have an enriching impact on her for ex- Antardhwani Mela, German workshops etc.

She is always being a compassionate, thought – provocative, moralistic, result-driven person. Her passion to learn new things shows her optimistic and self-motivated outlook towards life.

Currently, she joins Modlingua as an Intern to develop her skills in Business development, online marketing, project management and entrepreneurship. I am delighted to learn non-aspects of translation.

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tradBeti L
B.A., B.Sc., Specialist
English to Brazilian Portuguese Translator
Specialized in law, agreement, contract, business, financial, corporate and foreign trade translations
Over 15 years’ experience as a translator for quality-conscious agencies

I have over 16 years of experience as a meticulous and quality-conscious translator. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Language Arts, a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering, Graduate Specialization in Translation and Graduate Specialization in English Language, those degrees are from renowned Universities in Brazil.

I have worked as an English to Brazilian Portuguese translator for various translation agencies on a full time basis since 2001.
Translation Fields of Expertise: legal, agreements, contracts, business, corporate, insurance, finance, foreign trade, technical, engineering, environment, standards, certificates, personal documents, subtitling etc.

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downloadWith B.A in Tourism and Graduate Diploma in teaching visual arts from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG - public university in Brazil), studied French and English for about four years at the same university, during her educational background. She also completed a professional training course in translation for French <> Portuguese language pair at the Daniel Brilhante de Brito (DBB) specialization course for translators and currently is finishing a professional training course in translation for English <> Portuguese language pair at Brasillis Idiomas. She still concluded a professional training course of reviewing text in Portuguese at UFMG.

She already translated various texts in different areas of knowledge (including materials for advertising campaigns, report of accounting, environmental plan, technical manual, medical book chapters, social contracts, travel itinerary).

As an enthusiast of the word, she believes that translation is an exciting process of research and she likes to read texts and books on varied subjects in English, French and Portuguese. She would like to be recognized nationally and internationally as a great professional, and to reach this objective she is always improving her practical experience and knowledge in the area.

Ticiane is currently doing her internship at Modlingua and she has special interest in Content Writing and Citizen Journalism, Project Management, Business Development and Entrepreneurship.

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dsc 1642Aman Ranjan

A recent graduate in Chinese language, literature and cultural studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU), Aman Ranjan is a Chinese culture enthusiast whose curiosity about the similar history and culture of India and China drove him to study Chinese as a major in his graduation. He comes from Patna, Bihar. He fluently speaks English, Hindi, Chinese and a little bit of Dutch. He has sound knowledge of diverse fields like International Human Rights, Philosophy & Literature, etc. He has a keen interest in world politics. In his free time, he enjoys reading, watching movies and series, travelling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. He likes anchoring and has done so on several occasions. He boasts of watching TOP 250 IMDB rated movies. He is passionate about travelling, exploring the unexplored places and always goes on zero budget backpacking trips.

Over the past 2 years, he has been working as a freelance translator and interpreter of Chinese/English/Hindi. He has worked for companies like Xiaomi India. Currently with his masters in Chinese studies, he is also preparing for management examinations like CAT, GMAT, etc. In the near future, he plans to do an MBA. He also plans to learn other languages, travel to different countries, learn about different cultures and contribute towards making the world a better place. 

His passion for language and entrepreneurship led him to become an intern at Modlingua summer 2017 internship. This opportunity to work with Modlingua will provide him with an opportunity to develop as a translator, entrepreneur and above all a better human being. His main areas of focus in the internship are Project Management and Quality Standards, Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Computer Assisted Tools (CAT).

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