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MahenurMahenur Alam
I am pursuing B.A (Hons)Spanish from Amity University, Noida. I just gave my 2nd year exams and waiting for my result. As a language student i have interest in collecting knowledge across culture. I am doing volunteering at CRY(Child Right and You)  it is a non-profit organisation which aims to restore children's rights and ensure  healthy and creative childhoods.
In this summer vacation i am working as an intern at Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd , i want to polish my skills and by this internship i want to  gain knowledge that will help in my career. The major areas where i will be developing my skills are Web Development, Computer Assisted Tools, Business development and Project Management and Quality Standards.
 My hobbies are reading novels, newspaper listening spanish song and travelling. 
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img 20170502 wa0001 1Mamta Gusain

I am mamta gusain and I am from Delhi. I'm a literature student. I just gave my 3rd year exams and waiting for my result. I work with the pair English and hindi. In my summer vacations I decided to utilize my time by doing internship, Modlingua will be a good platform for me to gain some professional knowledge and help me to build my strength. Its a great opportunity for me to working here as an intern. My interest is in radio and TV journalism.

At Present Serving as Intern, Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd, in this I am looking forward to gain new insights in translation field. my four areas of interest to focus on are content writing and citizen journalism, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and blogging. This will provide value to my knowledge and profile. Eager to learn work on skills which can help me in managing projects. I'm a hard worker and I love to take challenges and seek learning opportunities. I'm a keen for novels, art and crafts player. My hobbies are reading books(Shakespeare n Jane Austen r my all time favorite), used to spend my free time with chess board, and travelling... this internship can connect me with people all around the world and its not less than travelling ..I love to meet new peoples and explore places......


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Gareema Sharma
Gareema is a recent graduate in German language from Jawaharlal Nehru University and has also studied level B1 at Max Mueller Bhavan in Delhi. Last year, she pursued a German language course at level C1 at Freie Universitaet Berlin in Germany. With her bachelors degree and her stay in Germany, she had the opportunity to study German history, literature and culture intensely. She plans to continue her studies and pursue masters in German with specialisation in translation and interpretation at Jawaharlal Nehru University. She aims to become a translator and as her hobbies include reading apart from yoga and analysing art, her ideal career field is literary translation.
She believes language isn't just a way of communication, a language also defines and expresses not just emotions, opinions but also a specific culture. So a translator doesn't just translates words, she also bridges the gap between two cultures. Translation is an art. With this vision in mind, she chose to pursue an internship at Modlingua. She wishes to enhance her skills professionally in the fields Online Marketing, Project Management and Quality Standards, Content Writing and Citizen Journalism and Blogging. The Summer Internship at Modlingua provides her the opportunity to enhance her non-translation skills in the respective fields.
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SupriyaSupriya Harshwal

I am Supriya Harshwal. I got my Secondary Education from Jawahar Nehru Vidyalaya, Sardarshaher, Rajasthan in Physics, chemistry and Mathematics but suddenly my interest inclined towards Foreign Language learning so, I completed my Graduation from School of Languages, JNU, New Delhi in Arabic language and currently pursuing my Masters in Arabic language and Literature.

I have a very profound passion for Translation and Interpretation which I enjoy as my pleasing hobbies. I developed a very keen interest for International affairs and Literature While studying Arabic language. I also studied Turkish and Urdu languages during my graduation. I worked in several dubbing studios as a voice over artist for Arabic language. Beside this I love doing wall art, sketching, painting and singing in my free time. I aspire to be a professionally superfine and skilful Translator and Interpreter. I think we shouldn’t give any commitment to a work if we don’t perform it with all our passion and Determination. In this summer, I am doing internship at Modlingua where I have chosen 1- Content writing and citizen journalism, 2- Entrepreneurship, 3- Business Development, 4- Online Marketing as the focusing topics for my this internship and I am looking forward to this for developing professional skills in these areas.

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dsc 1642Aman Ranjan

A recent graduate in Chinese language, literature and cultural studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU), Aman Ranjan is a Chinese culture enthusiast whose curiosity about the similar history and culture of India and China drove him to study Chinese as a major in his graduation. He comes from Patna, Bihar. He fluently speaks English, Hindi, Chinese and a little bit of Dutch. He has sound knowledge of diverse fields like International Human Rights, Philosophy & Literature, etc. He has a keen interest in world politics. In his free time, he enjoys reading, watching movies and series, travelling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. He likes anchoring and has done so on several occasions. He boasts of watching TOP 250 IMDB rated movies. He is passionate about travelling, exploring the unexplored places and always goes on zero budget backpacking trips.

Over the past 2 years, he has been working as a freelance translator and interpreter of Chinese/English/Hindi. He has worked for companies like Xiaomi India. Currently with his masters in Chinese studies, he is also preparing for management examinations like CAT, GMAT, etc. In the near future, he plans to do an MBA. He also plans to learn other languages, travel to different countries, learn about different cultures and contribute towards making the world a better place. 

His passion for language and entrepreneurship led him to become an intern at Modlingua summer 2017 internship. This opportunity to work with Modlingua will provide him with an opportunity to develop as a translator, entrepreneur and above all a better human being. His main areas of focus in the internship are Project Management and Quality Standards, Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Computer Assisted Tools (CAT).

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wp 20161225 21 51 15 selfieMuskan Mehta

She has done B1 level from Alliance Francaise du Delhi and pursuing graduation in Bachelors in Commerce from Delhi University. As a young, hardworking student, she always endeavours her level best to give 100% to her assigned work. She believes in the fact that one should always be hungry for a Knowledge. With this approach, she has also worked as volunteer at World Cultural Fest event and Indo-German collaboration.
As far as her academic records, she has scored very well. Learning a foreign language helps her getting know new culture, people better as it brings a worldly vision which always excites her to work even more harder.
She is keen in translating French to English or vice versa and also would like to work in areas such as social media and marketing. She wishes to see herself to work in a reputed company. She is passionate developing new ideas and constantly strives to enrich her overall personality.
Currently, She is working as an an intern at Modlingua that offers her possibility to gain expertise in entrepreneurial development, administration management and marketing.

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Rupam Roli

My name is Rupam Roli and I have completed my graduation in German Language from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi this year. Now I want to pursue Masters in Translation(German) from JNU. I have got an interest in learning new language when I took French in my school days. I was looking for a summer internship related to language and luckily I got to know about Modlingua from facebook. I think working under Modlingua as an intern will be very helpful for me. It will help me to develop my professional language as a translator or interpreter. I have chosen Project Management and Quality Standards, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing and Computer Assisted Tools(CAT Tools).

I have basic knowledge of Turkish language, since it was as an optional subject in my curriculum.  Apart from my interest in language, I also love travelling, watching movies and painting. I am also a part of my University Fine arts and Photography club.

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img 0939

Valli Emani

I am Valli Emani. I am a B-tech graduate and Japanese language trainer. I started pursuing the Japanese language after my graduation. I was inspired by my mother, who is a Japanese language expert. I have completed two levels of the Japanese language and currently preparing for the third level.

I have taught Japanese language basic level at Asa Bhanu Japan Centre under the guidance of a native speaker. I extremely glad that I got this opportunity at Modlingua. I hope I will learn a lot from this internship and improve my entrepreneurial skills. Also, I want to improve my skills as a Japanese language translator.

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VirenderVirender Kumar Sharma is proficient in German Language translation & interpretation skills. He has cleared C1 level from Goethe institute, New Delhi and presently preparing for C2 level, and pursuing graduation in English literature from IGNOU New Delhi and JET Engine maintenance license holder from DGCA, previously worked with renowned international aviation company.

He is always ready to learn anything new to make himself a better professional and social human. He is hardworking and disciplined who works well under pressure; He has good computer knowledge and good German communication skill. He has strong technical skills as he is from a technical background, as well as excellent interpersonal skills. He is eager to be challenged in order to grow and improve his communication and professional skills gained through previous experiences. He is a mature, positive and hardworking individual, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible, at any given task.

As far as his hobbies are concerned, his favorite time-pass is Poetry.

He has a clear plan of entering into the corporate world in the field of research, manufacturing, technical translation and that’s why is here at Modlingua as an Intern to polish his skills and learn, not only from Modlingua experts but also from fellow interns. 

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Anubhuti GuptaAnubhuti Gupta

Freshly graduated in Japanese language and culture studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Anubhuti Gupta is a Japanese culture enthusiast whose curiosity about the history and culture of Japan drove her to opt for an unconventional language course. She has developed strong writing, speaking and listening skills in Japanese language through the duration of the course and has developed great liking towards translation.

She was selected as a Student-faculty committee member during the 1st year of her graduation. She won a quiz competition on Japan in her 2nd year and being a part of such a prestigious institute gave her the opportunity to participate extensively in various seminars held on Language Translation and Interpretation as well as various Japanese Cultural Festivals.

She likes to read science fiction, articles on gender, world history and politics during her leisure time along with travelling as one of her passions. She had also developed interest in Business studies during her school days and that’s why has chosen Business Development and Entrepreneurship among more as the topics she would like to work on during her internship with Modlingua. Content Writing and Citizen Journalism and Project Management and Quality Standards are the other two topics she would like to develop her skills in.

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