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dscn0123 copySoham Jayesh Buch, a B. Com. (Accounts, Statistics), an MBA (Finance), MFA – CFA (India), is a language enthusiast. He started his career as a tutor of languages Sanskrit and Gujarati for the standard 10 board students.

With reference to rising influence of the English language and culture in modern societies world over, he started taking interested in translation and literary works for the preservation of the local language and culture.

Historically, in his career he has progressed as a Macro Analyst at a US based market research company -  Marketrealist Incorporation. He published market research articles in English as a business associate. He is now working as a Risk Analyst with an Ahmedabad based commodity company - Dharmdeep Commodities Pvt Ltd. Here also he provides a unique risk perspective to the business partners. He has been sharing some of his works through LinkedIn with society at large. He is to try his hands on the languages Gujarati, Hindi and English from a professional point of view for translation and literary works with internship at

With the internship, he would try to explore the opportunities in the Hindi - Gujarati - English literary works, translation and subjective research to avail for the Indian locals with professional accuracy.

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