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modlinguaRitika Kush

Hola, I am Ritika Kush currently studying in Amity University pursuing BA (hons.) in Spanish. As I have completed my first year in learing Spanish language I would like to increase my core competency in content writing, project management and quality standards, entrepreneurship and online marketing. I had done an online internship in content writing earlier. But I don’t have any professional experience. So, as to gain some professional knowledge and experience Modlingua is the best option for me.

I was a commerce student in class 12th, so I would like to combine my commerce and linguistic skills to come up with something creative and new. I like to learn Spanish in speaking as well as writing; understanding the culture, people and history of Spain and attain the kind of fluency in speaking as if some native Spanish speaker is talking. I also performed in a Spanish play in my college fest.

I like reading books and i have a creative mind. I am optimistic and always positive towards my work. I also am a highly patient person and I do all my work to my fullest potential. I am a hard working person and assure to work to my fullest ability. 
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