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dsc 6124 2Ashish Chaudhary

He is currently pursuing final year in B.A. Hons (French) from Amity University. Over the period of 2 years he has studied French in context to language ,civilization ,history & ​ developed speaking, listening, writing & reading skills.

He is a geek & having keen interest in technology.He has certificate in Web Designing &  freelanced for several projects.

He also has knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java. He has previously worked for college events & as a volunteer for various social activities.  With a multilingual approach,Ashish aims to link his foreign language knowledge with other sectors like media. 
Apart from technology, he loves to search and  find facts behind principles, listen to English, Hindi,French and K-Pop music. 
He aspires to be a professional translator with time & would like to explore this possibility also to see how the foreign language functions in various other fields. As an Intern in Modlingua, he chose Content Writing & Citizen Journalism, Project Management & Quality Standards, Blogging & Social Marketing during Modlingua Internship Programme to enhance his knowledge .

He is a strong believer in “ Fais toujours de ton mieux même si personne ne regarde”-  

           Always do your best even if no one’s looking.

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