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M.Phil, B.Ed, Kumudini is currently teaching in one of the most advanced international schools in Mumbai, having nearly 30 years of teaching experience of various Indian and International curriculum.

Her passion for Hindi and love for educational technology has helped her in implementing various pedagogies required to teach International Baccalaureate program. World class exposure to various in-house, national and international workshops and seminars has ignited the desire in her to bring technology to classroom  which has helped immensely in bringing required changes in the status of Hindi in her school.

She is also an active curriculum developer for various other curriculums owing to her knowledge of instructional designing and experience of employing various teaching techniques and aids. Creating skill based teaching aids and activities are her forte.
Not limiting herself to teaching, she is also an active writer with World Hindi Secretariat, Mauritius, where the organisation strives to promote Hindi at an International level. Currently, she is also working on developing her own website that would be a principal resource pool for all Hindi teaching aids, guidance, worksheets for all grades and curriculum. Her long tenure with an IB school has given her the opportunity to conduct and attend various leadership programs which has helped her prime her skills at classroom management, examination management, etc.

Thanks to the summer internship 2017, through which Modlingua has ignited in her the ambition to take her love for languages further and provided her an opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge in translation, CAT tools, social media marketing and establishing herself as an entrepreneur and a project manager with focus on quality standards.


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