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By Shaista Perween

The Modlingua internship started on 7th July and ending on 20th August 2017. It was a one-month internship by Mr. Ravi Kumar sir. He is a brilliant orator. We learned a lot from him. During the internship, we discussed a lot about many topics like translation management, Project management and Quality standard, Content writing and Citizen journalism, Social media marketing, Blogging.

Modlingua is a reputed translation agency. It is a well known and developed agency. Modlingua gives a new vision and enlightening the path of people of India. Translation and interpretation are two pillars of a  language. In India, especially in Delhi, there isn’t any suchagencylikemodlingua. Modlingua is a path which connects two different cultures in one platform. in translation, we learned that translation isn’t about just word to word translation but it is also about transforming two distinct cultures. Modlingua is a way to learn skills, not only skills but also how to learn and do business in the field of translation.

Modlingua is one of the best ways to show our talent in the field of translation and interpretation. It gives me a vast knowledge and it guides me in the path of success and good fortune. Now I have got ample knowledge in translation and interpretation. If I talk about my skills, I learned a lot. Translation and interpretation are two vast domain of any language.Here we haven’t learned only the language but also the culture. Because we have a great environment to talk to all of the interns who come from various places. People come from USA, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Venezuela, India etc.

In the internship, we enjoyed a lot and developed a strong bonding with the interns. We have done so many activities as Translation Management, Project management and Quality standard, Content writing and Citizen journalism, Social media marketing, Blogging, Personal  Branding.
And a quote which Ravi sir always tell us that I want to quote here: "Think like a boss you will do well in your career”.

We have learned so many things but here I want to write few things:-

1. Project Management and Quality standard
2. Content Writing and Citizen Journalism
 3. Social media marketing
4. Blogging.
In the internship, we always had to submit a report on some topics. I have submitted many reports that I am going to tell you. In the first assignment, we had to make THE INTERN’S PROFILE. It is all about your personal information, your skills, and why do you want to do the internship, which four skills that you want to do work on them.  I had chosen these 4 topics like  Project Management and Quality standard,  Content Writing and Citizen Journalism,  Social media marketing,  Blogging.

And also I have shared about how did I get to know about this summer internship program and This is the first time I am doing the Modlingua summer internship and I am really excited to learn new things in the field of translation and interpretation. Modlingua is an internationally reputed company. It is involved in promotion and development of translation profession within India and the world. I  got toknowaboutmodlingua from facebook. I am very grateful to Ravi sir who has given great opportunity to learn with modlingua. I wrote my profile and I was so excited at that moment that I wrote the profile. It was a marvelous experience. In the time of the first assignment we had to also promote the modlingua youtube channel, and also we had to promote Modlingua through facebook and other social media sites.

For the second assignment, we had to write about networking, and I wrote about ant networking. The title of my second assignment was ANT – A MEDIUM TO LEARN NETWORKING” it was very interesting topic. And also we had to comment on various pics, like wolf pack, networking and ant’s behaviour etc.  In the ant behaviour I wrote about togetherness. Together we can do so much work and achieve everything. We mean power. If we are together we can push the mountain too.  I related ants with the technology. Google networking is one of the highest surfing networks in all over the world. Information and communication technology (ICT) is becoming more popular and proliferous in our daily life. The Internet is made of many websites. There are some good and informative sites and there are websites that are no use at all.

In the third assignment, there were vast topics like google search engine, the relationship between content writing, online marketing and translation, globalization, localization, and internationalization and translation of content In the third assignment I wrote about the importance of Google. And my topic was “GOOGLE: A BOON”.

For the fourth assignment, we had a conference with Prof. Ioanna about entrepreneurship and personal branding for translators.we had got to know about the differences between in-house translators and freelancers. This article is about the role of language Professional. What are the important qualities in a language professional? The role of social media is essential to promote anything.

My title of the fourth assignment was “THE IMAGE OF LANGUAGE PROFESSIONALS”.

For the fifth assignment, we had to do about quality standards and its connection to translation services, the development of various quality standards in translation process across the globe, the equal role of linguistics and on –linguistics aspects in translation. For the sixth assignment, we had a meeting about project management, and the relation of project management and translation management.

Personal evaluation

The internship was a very informative experience.  I would really like to thank Mr Ravi Kumar sir. He ia a knowledgeable person. The way he started the modlingua internship for the interns it is really a marvelous job. This internship expands my knowledge and skills. It develops my communication as well as written skills. I learned about google networking, blogging, citizen journalism and globalization and localization. I would really be wanted to thank modlingua director MR.RAVI KUMAR SIR and the team of modlingua and all the interns who were always there to support and help me. Modlingua is doing a great job. I hope to see you next summer too “The modlinguaModlingua made my summer fruitful and it was an unforgettable moment for me and all the interns too.

Profile Link http://www.modlingua.com/interns/459-shaista-spanish-translator.html


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