Summer internship and translation management training report by Kiran Telugu and German Translator

17. 08. 28
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By Kiranmayee. Y

My internship @Modlingua came as a surprise to me, I never expected that me who studied so less it was really amazing that I was one of all you no technical nor worldly knowledge this internship which started with an orientation as on June 5th and ending as of the day of the submission of the interns report was an marvellous travel I took feeling so proud to be one among so many learned people like you the group was amazing and as for the guidelines, taking a class, narrating an incident or say of making you do what or which you never did  -all the credit goes to Mr. Ravi Kumar sir I never wrote article not even about myself I used to feel so bored to write even my CV properly really he made me to think out of the box and helped to make myself one individual who can rely on herself. With lots of thanks and also would like to add that it’s very nice to know so many things which you never knew or knew very little.

Our first assignment was about  creating our own profiles to make us known to the world that these many number of translators, interpreters, language lovers and passionate people exist in this unknown and yet to be discoverable world of translation and interpretation. This in a way was like opening the doors of opportunities to the interns in various forms.

The second assignment deals with developing communication and networking based on the ants and wolf pack strategies how to create communication develop a network working as a group building strength and has an individual how one has to face weaknesses and incompetency. The strategical working helps an individual to grow in a group also no matter in which group you are or what project you have undertaken the basics of the project needs to be built strongly to improve your future market and client relations.

Our third assignment was about where translation industry is standing today and the different changes it’s facing and the key role it is playing in Globalization, internationalization and localization what is the difference between these terms and how a client expects the translator or interpreter to make sure of what his idea is and to deliver the same to be able to communicate on various platforms.

The fourth assignment was about Personal branding here Ravi sir not only gave us a scenario of what personal branding and its impact on translators and interpreters was he also called in a guest lecture which was more useful in understanding of how to retain a client and how to get new clients profiling yourself and being a brand ambassador for yourself. These points where like the success mantra for career enhancement.
In the fifth assignment 7 essential quality standards were defined and the need t maintain quality of the work and how it effects all the client, service provider and translator.  Here the supervisor also quoted how the quality standards developed from the first quality standard norms given by the German’s in 1998 with the name DIN 2345 to till date ISO how these make an impact on the translation industry and guard the essence of the languages being translated from source to target and how these help the translators to grow their skill set and make themselves the best reliable in this industry.  Which type of quality standards used to be there and how they became extinct like “LISA”.

The last but not the least is project management this gives an overall view about how to handle a project from start to end this includes all the qualities and   skills till now discussed and their need for maintaining and also teaches how with following these instructions one can grow in this industry and improve him/her self in this industry. Why it is important to have a project management.

The final assignment is the 7th which deals with the interns reports this reveals the knowledge earned by an intern on this world know organization Modlingua which without any personal interest as promoted so many translators and interpreters to the world and also shaped and sharpened their skills by giving them a chance to learn how to deal in this atmosphere.

Final note

The more you talk about personal experience the more you need to describe Modlingua the classes which were taken online according to the need and timing of the intern the extension of the time for submission of assignments and also the care take was like a one-on-one need to name the problem you have solution before you of what to do, how to do, when and where to do. This kind of attention for each and every person is impossible for many a famous companies. I personally liked the way the classes were taken and recorded so that whenever you needed to check back it was always there for you never felt anything missed and unexplained. This type of teaching and handling was not even present @Arts college, @ IEFL or @Goethe-Zentrum while learning languages or general subjects.


Gives an overall view of how people are encouraged to share their ideas on different aspects and also can show their individuality while selecting a topic to reflect their ideology.  There are many people who have given amazing work here which are sometimes lost in the universities as paper work by some students while learning. No one was poked or taunted for the way they presented instead they were given a applause by asking all to go through every body’s work and share as much as possible these things may seem petty for others but for some it’s like crossing an ocean.
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