Summer internship and translation management training report by Dujender Yadav Portuguese Translator

17. 08. 28
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By Dujender Yadav

About the Internship

We had a summer internship of about 3 months which started on June 7th,2017 and ended in August. The whole internship process was online. We had online classes with Mr. Ravi Kumar, under whose supervision we have done this internship. The whole online process took place on the Gotomeeting, which is an online platform, where we attended our weekly classes.

Time to time assignments were given to us on certain topics which we had chosen ourselves such as online media marketing, project management, citizen journalism, content writing and blogging etc. Before these assignments we had classes on these type of topics like Quality Standards, Project Management, how do we make new clients and these topics were related to the topics we chose after the first class. And the trainer always have a new topic and a new assignment for us to complete. Time to time he also invited experts to teach us about the particular specialization of the field in which they are working. The internship is for us to get trained before entering the market of our particular field so that we could enjoy success. And we really learnt those skills to survive in the market. The style that was chosen by Mr. Ravi kumar is absolutely perfect to teach someone, his attitude towards delivering something is incomparable.

Purpose for the internship

According to me, everyone who was doing this internship would have different purpose and the trainer by whom this internship was provided to us must have his own purpose but during this 3 months period what I have learnt about the purpose the internship is that the trainer wants us to get skilled, to get prepared, to get strong by mind to face the market and the upcoming problems. He wants us to be aware of the issues we have to face in this translation world. The purpose of the trainer seems to be clear when he shares his experiences with us without any hesitation and informs us about what to do in such a situation. He told us about the clients, about how to deal with a client, how to identify a good or bad client, how should we present ourselves, how to work in the translation market, what kind of market is this, how to raise yourself in this competitive market and what kind of services we could provide, how to manage our time and work, he made us aware about the laws or disciplines we should follow to be a part of the translation market or to remain in this market as it is a highly competitive market and nowadays the client are aware of their rights. So we as service providers must also be aware of our rights and we should possess our rights. This is the thing we have to learn before starting any kind of work in this field. We should first analyze the market, what kind of work is being demanded in the market and then analyze ourselves that could we provide the service desired by the client or not. And these are the things we learnt in this internship through our trainer. And he did this kind of tough job in a very easy way, he put a lot of effort towards completing his job. And now coming to purpose of the interns, what I think is that every one of us have a similar purpose before starting the internship, we all wanted to improve our language skills or the translation skills but we never focused on the things like how much should we charge the client, about the documentation with the client, to set up a relation with client, how to increase our clients and many more these kind of things. We were taught  in this internship that how to manage all the above said things and about the equipments we would need while doing some specific kind of translation, how to manage our time and how to charge different jobs and how to get the job done, what kind of job we should accept and what kind of job we should reject, but after the first class with the trainer we all got an idea to focus on the development of these skills. So the purpose of the interns was to learn the skills to stand in the translation world. And we really learnt a lot through this internship. Every class taught us about new things and new challenges , new techniques of translation world. There are about 300 interns and each one stands at different level, as some are in different countries of the world, in the different circumstances, so this internship helped us in learning different things from them too. Everyone there have different experience and have different kind of questions in their mind about this emerging business of translation and at this platform of modlingua with Mr. Ravi Kumar, all these questions got their answer. The complete internship is to make us aware about each and every platform available such as modlingua. We were given assignments which contain questions related to the topics which were taught to us in the online classes and through these assignments we got a chance to analyze ourselves that what we learnt from the class and recall everything and then use our knowledge and skills.

Easy and effective teaching methods

The teaching methods adopted by the trainer are very easy and comfortable for everyone, as all the classes were held online and we were taught using the pdfs, powerpoint presentations and videos were made available after each class. And during the class everyone had the equal opportunity to ask any question and each of those questions were answered by the trainer no matter how much time it would have taken. The trainer was in reach of every intern as it was an online internship. Every topic and every concept chosen was made very clear in the class and after every class some videos are provided for the clearance of the remaining doubts. And the topics chosen for the classes were those which very helpful in the translation business, each and every topic is important for the translators.

According to me it is a very good initiative in the field of translation. In this field there is no other such internships available in India according to my knowledge, except this provided by modlingua, to train the translators and give them this kind of guidance to tackle the future, and to survive in this field of translation. In the very beginning of the internship before the classes started, I thought that through this internship I will be taught to improve my lingual skills  for translation but then I came to know that they have a further point of view and  they taught me how to use these skills. And after this internship I really have the knowledge of the market.

Every intern who had attended the classes truly would have the knowledge about the translation world. It was a very helpful internship and we have learnt a lot through this internship. In my opinion these type of internships should be provided to the language students to make them more efficient in their work. Yes this internship made us more efficient and mentally strong to move further in the field of translation. This is thing which provided the knowledge about the work or we can say real work of a translator, we are not a puppet to work according to the clients and got cheated, we do have some rights to claim our fees, we know this already but are not aware that we could do this legally but after this internship many these kind of things were taught to us. We were taught to provide better service to the client and always satisfy him so in order to set up a good relationship with the client. In the end I only want to say that it was the internship every translator needed to grow himself and I would say every translation field person should do this internship not only to get some knowledge but also to improve his skills of translation. This internship is goes far more than my expectations as I already mentioned that my expectation was only to learn how to translate something but this internship taught me how to earn money through translation, learning some skills is very easy but using those skills for your benefit or in a right place is very difficult. So I want to say that modlingua taught us to use our skill of translation in the right place, in the right way and for the right person which would definitely benefit us.

And as I said Mr. Ravi Kumar sir is the one who taught us all these things not matter teaching us himself or by inviting some of his friends or by giving us assignments, all these things done by him are very helpful. He provided us the modligua platform and I am very thankful to him for selecting me for this internship.

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