Summer internship and translation management training report by Chingnu Korean Translator

17. 08. 28
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About Modlingua and Internship

Modlingua Pvt. Ltd. Is ISO 9001:2008 certified translation and Interpretation Company based in New Delhi, India founded by our director Mr Ravi Kumar. It aims at becoming your preferred language partner by delivering high quality language solutions with stipulated time.
The internship duration was 3 months from 7th June 2017 till 20th August 2017.

Purpose of the internship and its objectives

During our internship we were given total of 7 assignments marked with deadlines for time management each and guideline videos in each assignment, with remarks after each submission by our Director and our mentor Mr Ravi Kumar.
  • The first assignment was to prepare our individual professional profile where along with the profile we had to choose 4 areas in which we wanted to work and develop our skills wherein I choose content writing, citizen journalism, social media marketing, blogging and you tubing and video casting.
  • The second assignment was about the importance of networking in our industry. We were given four options wherein first option was about wolf pack and its strategy. In option B we had to write about the network of ants. Option C was about youth and digital media and option D was about the most spoken and most contributing language of the world wherein I chose to write the assignment about ants and its working in context to the translation world.
  • In the third assignment, we were given 4 options again wherein the first option was about the why Google search and top ranking in Google search is important and about the benefits of being translators and multilingual writers. The second option was about the relationship between content writing, online marketing and translation in multiple languages. Option 3 was about globalisation, localization, internationalization and translation of content. Option 4 was about the AIDA model where we had to prepare a business plan for promoting short-term professional courses offered by Modlingua. I chose to elaborate and evaluate about the terminology GILT I.e. Globalization Internationalization Liberalisation Translation and the professional knowledge of these process.
  • For our fourth assignment a lecture was delivered by our guest speaker Joanna Daskalopoulou wherein she explained various aspect of self-personalization, entrepreneurship, differences between in-house translators and freelancers and how to increase our market value. We were given four options among which the first one was about the personal branding in the business field. The second option was about the client service and its durable relationship and as a freelancer, how to make new clients and retain them. The third option was about the importance of being a language professional and our perception about entrepreneurship. The fourth option was about the critical analysis of the global system of translation and how far we can relate this concept of power relation in society and position of a translator.
  • In our fifth assignment we were four options wherein the first option was to explain how quality standards are useful for language professionals, translators and service providers. Option two was to explain the development of various quality standards in translation process across the globe. Option three was to explain how both linguistic and non-linguistic aspects in translation process play equal and crucial role. In the fourth option we had to comment on whether the lack of awareness about quality standards in India is hampering the professional development of translators and language professionals. I chose to go with option three which was about the importance of linguistics and non-linguistics in the process of translation and highlighted the aspects of how these terminology are similar and how they differ as well.
  • There were five options in the sixth assignment wherein in the first one we had to explain how project Management helps in increasing efficiency of any workplace. In the second option we had to explain how project management integration takes place in translation business. In the third one we had to explain how both linguistic and non-linguistic aspects in translation play equal and crucial role in translation management. In the fourth option we had to write about the role of a charter and documentation in project management. In the fifth option we had to explain any project management tool we were aware of. I chose option one where we had to explain how to improve quality and increase efficiency at any workplace in relation to project management.
Teaching methodology 
  • We also had weekly online gatherings where we were taught about the basic and core fundamentals of professional knowledge and ideas of translation and interpretation and their marketing values. Apart from that our Director arranged offline meetings for all regional interns who could come and meet the director which happened to be in C.P Delhi, India
  • We also had been given the fair choice in our professional fields which we wanted to learn and I chose my areas of competency in context writing, citizen journalism, social media marketing, bidding you tubing and video casting.
  • For every field of choices we had separate online meetings and were given task in a team as in between our assignment the social media marketing group had to promote the Modlingua you tube channel which I did though Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and many more.
  • For our interest and development Mr Ravi Kumar provided us a professional German guest speaker who joined, enhanced and polished our knowledge about building and maintaining professional identity I.e. Personal branding and free landing vs. in-house translation.
Personal Evaluation

As per these three months of training I could see my perspective and horizons to be widening. I learned how all these strategies and methodologies applies to the real world instead of just knowing it theoretically.
Often people thought internships is a spoon-fed of everything but Mr Ravi Kumar taught us the real work environment situation dealing with harsh environment and also how to respect others time and to think like a boss instead. 
As an intern I learn how important network could be for my career. Connecting with people in my desired career path through my internship has led me to solidify my desire to work.
I also found that knowledge alone doesn’t makes any difference but time management in fulfilling each task, sharpening and honing the skills you possessed makes. 
And as a intern Modlingua became my first exposure to a professional work alley. Overall, it was a fruitful experience with Mr Kumar and Modlingua.

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