Summer internship and translation management training report by Priyadarshi Kumar German Translator

17. 08. 29
posted by: Priyadarshi Kumar
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By Priyadarshi Kumar
Internship for a language learner is something very peculiar. We hardly have any scope of Interning as language learning yet hasn't got the space that it requires. This opportunity was given to me by Modlingua. Yeah, this was the first time I came across an Internship for Language Learners. On Facebook, I was linked to a group Language Translators by Modlingua, there I came through a Post by Mr. Ravi Kumar, which was about Internship, I applied and I was asked about my Present Status, Future Goals along with Updated Resume. I applied and got selected along with 250 more candidates. The date it began was 7th of June and it ended by 20th August 2017. 
Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 Certified translation and Interpretation company based in New Delhi, India. It enjoys an international reputation of being a socially responsible company involved in promotion and development of translation profession within India and across the globe. Modlingua has a team of about 10,000 Native Translators and specializes in Professional Translation, Visa Translation, Certified Translation, Notary Translation, Canada immigration Translation, Legal Translation, Expert Interpretation, Corporate Training, HR Lingua, BPO Placement, Freelance Projects 
The Internship was in online format. We were divided into a group of 25-30 students. Gotomeeting was used as a social platform for meeting and discussions. Here we were free to ask and inquire about anything from our Presenter Ravi Sir. He would share his Screen to make the contents available. The meeting took place in about 5 Shifts a day.  The best thing was that the whole meeting was recorded and then the Video was uploaded to YouTube on its Channel Modlingua Certified Translation Services. We were given assignments on the topic and we had to write and submit it before a concerned date. Apart from our meetings we also used to interact on Facebook and participate in various activities. These activities included Creating Buzz and Hashtags for a certain Topic. 
In the first assignment we were asked to create our Profile, that included our studies, goals, aspirations and the language pair on which we will work upon. We were asked to choose 4 Core Areas in which we were developing our proficiency. The areas that I chose were Content Writing and Citizen Journalism, Project Management and Quality Standards, Computer Assisted Tools (CAT) and Web Development. Then further on we were assigned more Assignments on topics such as Multilingualism and Society, Globalization, Localisation and Internationalisation, Freelancer and Citizen Journalism, Quality Standards, Project Management, Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Aspects of Translation. We all are learning Language in our Colleges and Universities, the way we learning is merely Writing and Speaking through Grammer, Literature, History and so on. But we are unaware of the aspects and requirements of Industry.  Knowing a language is not enough, Translation Industry require some skills and Techniques. Through this Internship I came to know a lot about the Industry, the way a industry works, the way a Translation Process happens, the demands and quality assurance. We also had a Guest Lecture who taught us how to make new clients, how to fulfill their demands, in what way we can manage the quality of our Projects. 
Finally, at the end of this Internship I would like to thanks Ravi Sir for his mentorship during the Project. I learnt a lot from this Project. It benefited me to a far extent. 
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