Summer internship and translation management training report by Jithin Raj CK Malyalam Translator

17. 08. 30
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By Jithin Raj CK 

The internship at Modlingua had the duration of approximately three months, beginning at June 7th 2017 and ending at August 20th 2017. During internship Mr. Ravi Kumar enlightened us with the activities that would proceed during our internship. The meetings were done through an online platform (GoToMeeting) which was in itself an experience. The internship started with the basic technique of creating our own profile which is the first and foremost step in any marketing sector. The way in which we should display ourselves was taught and same was practically done. Sharing the profile in number of platforms was another interesting task which gave us the insight into marketing oneself. At the beginning we had to select four areas in the internship, the once chosen by me were Project Management and Quality Standards, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Social Media Marketing. Our practical lessons were promoting Modlingua in numerous platforms which included sharing the YouTube channel of Modlingua.

The assignments were systematically arranged starting with the wolf pack strategy which taught us how to work as a team. The following assignments were to develop the skills in marketing focusing the translation industry. During our third assignment we had a guest Prof. Ioanna, she gave us a detailed analysis of entrepreneurship and personal branding for translators; and provided us with the differences between in-house translators and freelancers. In this assignment we got to know the entrepreneurial skills that one needs to develop in personal branding, different ways in which we can increase our clients and maintain a good relation with them.

The fifth assignment was about the development of various quality standards in Translation Process across the globe, the equal roles of linguistics and non-linguistics aspects in translation. My area of the assignment was quality standards where i had discussed about various methodologies to produce a brilliant output. Quality is a term which shifts its meaning according to the context it is put, thus defining quality is something impossible and that’s how different standards were created in order to standardise the translated works in the industry so a s to maintain a good relation with the service provider and client.

The sixth assignment was about the project management, as I had already mentioned the assignments were planned systematically to provide us the step by step context of the translation industry. The last and the final project was about project management, all the earlier assignments focused on creating a good output, now the project undertaking was to be efficiently executed, thus the section of project management was introduced. The areas covered were how it improves quality and increases efficiency at any workplace, the relation of project management and translation management, the role of charter and documentation in project management.

All the assignments had a meeting with Mr Ravi Kumar and his videos were always ready for the reference in YouTube. I also had the experience of working under such a great personality who has been influential in being a entrepreneur himself by creating a platform called Modlingua and an inspiration for all the language enthusiasts in the country. His videos were very helpful and will be always helpful for everyone who wants to join the next big thing which is Translation industry.

The internship was an enlightening experience, which consisted of various tasks under the supervision of Mr Ravi Kumar. As an intern, it felt great to gain marketing experience with this company and work under established professionals. At first I was confused about the activities as I was expecting an internship on translation but the surprise was that it turned out to be much better. Rather than giving us the skills in the translation, which we had to develope ourselves although, we were provided with loads of information on marketing, project management and in details about the industry as a whole. The most important part of internship being Mr Ravi, who along with being our boss was a very good friend of us throughout the internship. Occasionally he would text us on Sundays asking about our whereabouts and instructing about the coming assignments.
Although the internship has ended, I cannot thank Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd. enough for having me on board. It was great to be a part of such a well-known and revered brand name. I can frankly say I came into the summer Internship with nothing more than a mediocre amount of translation skills but when I see myself now I see in me a good amount of marketing knowledge which I would put into practise in the near future. I didn’t know that translation was an emerging industry in India. I thank Modlingua to for helping and making me a part of this great venture and building in me a great amount of skills which would help me in contributing to this industry. Each assignment given during the internship had a particular motive behind it. It shaped each of us to be an entrepreneur first and to be skilled in marketing. This experience we got would do great wonders for several of the interns who have been part of these.

I would once again thank you Mr Ravi for providing us with a platform for helping us in  blooming as young language professionals and carving a path for us to establish a future for ourselves.

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