Summer internship and translation management training report by Devanshu bhatt Spanish Translator

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By Devanshu Bhatt

The internship at Modlingua had the duration of approximately three months, beginning at June 7th 2017 and ending at August 20th 2017. During the internship we had weekly meetings through an online platform (GoToMeeting) in which our supervisor, Mr. Ravi Kumar, presented to us the agency and explained how we would proceed during our activities.

Our first assignment was to create our professional profile at Modlingua in order to do the other activities, along with that profile we had to choose four areas in which we wanted to work and develop our skills.  I have choosen Content writing and Citizen Journalism, Project Management and Quality standards, Entrepreneurship, and Social Media Marketing where I will be focussing more on building my strength. Then, in between assignments one and two we, from the social media marketing, had to promote the Modlingua YouTube channel and our profiles at social media of our choosing, which I did through Facebook groups and other social media. For the second assignment, we had another meeting in which Mr. Kumar oriented us and then asked us to write a small article about networking in the translation industry, in which we had to relate with images, either of a wolf pack, of ants working together or other images, the one of my choosing was Networking and ant behaviors.

For the second assignment, we had another meeting in which Mr. Kumar oriented us the term Citizen Journalism. They taught us about citizen generalism how we analysis the news and information by the general public, especially by means of the Internet. It can be  Google+,Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.  Citizen journalism can be a simple reporting of facts and news that is largely ignored by large media companies. It is easily spread through personal websites, blogs, microblogs, social media and so on. Some types of citizen journalism also act as a check on the reporting of larger news outlets by providing alternative analysis.
For the third assignment, For the third assignment, we had another online meeting about Google Search Engine, relationship between Content writing, Online Marketing and translation. In the assignment four, we had a conference, a lecture with Prof. Ioanna about entrepreneurship, how to make clients and personal branding for translators; we have also seen differences between in-house translators and freelancers. With this assignment we had to write about the visibility of the language professional in the society, how to gain clients being freelancers alternate options for language professionals, and relate this concept of power relations in society and position of a translator, my article was about entrepreneurship.

For the fifth assignment, we had a online meeting about quality standard Assessing the quality of a translation service isn’t just a case of determining the effectiveness of the language work. You’ll also want to consider elements of the service such as how well your account is managed, speed of delivery, ease of doing business and technical aspects including the way your information is handled. The latter is particularly important if sensitive materials are being handled, and you’ll want some assurances about data protection if this is the case. All these factors need to be considered alongside the quality of the translated material.
Quality standard certifications help assess all of these business factors, giving you some peace of mind. It can be difficult to get visibility of a company’s IT infrastructure and processes, which is one reason why certification is useful. It means a third party assesses their provision to ensure it is fit for purpose and you can feel confident using the service. Certification will also cover the company’s data protection policies and processes.

In the sixth assignment, we had a meeting about Project Management, how it improves quality and increases efficiency at any workplace, the relation of project management and translation management, the role of charter and documentation in project management. I wrote about project management, charter, and documentation in any workplace scenario.

Overall Conclusion.

This internship was a very enlightening experience, since at the beginning of the internship Mr. Kumar provided us with the reality of a real job experience. With that, we had to fulfil tasks, attend meetings and meet deadlines. This internship helped expand my horizons about the translation business and all the possibilities we, as language professionals, have on the industry. It also trained us on how to develop our communication skills with people of higher rank inside the business and how to treat and obtain new clients.
In my University we do not have a subject about the market for translation and the options we can work with, it is a flaw on the education program of the University and these internship provided me with all the possibilities inside the translation industry. I learned a lot by interacting with Mr. Kumar and the other participants, the lecture with Prof. Ioanna was also one of the best, I strongly believe that more lectures from other people inside this industry could be even more valuable. It was so fruitful that I am using one of the things I learned, about globalization and localization, on my graduation work. It was a great experience valuable to my professional life as much as to my personal growth. 
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Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd.” New Delhi, India. Founded by Ravi Kumar, Modlingua is a leading translation company certified by ISO 9001:2008 that provides certified translation services, all of their team members are native speakers or took formal language course in foreign countries. Modlingua has high quality professionals within different areas of expertise and are in touch with the latest technologies in the translation business.


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