Summer internship and translation management training report by Anjali Chawla French Trainer

17. 08. 30
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By Anjali Chawla
‘’Modlingua learning Pvt.Ltd.’’New Delhi,India. Founded by Ravi Kumar, Modlingua is a leading translation company certified by ISO 9001:2008 that provides certified translation services, all of their team members are native speakers or had formal language course in foreign countries. Modlingua has high quality professionals with different areas of expertise and are in touch with the latest technologies in the translation business.
The summer internship at Modlingua had the prolongation of three months. From june 7 2017 till august 20 2017. Throughout the internship we use to have weekly classes through an online platform (Go to meeting). These meetings were well conducted by the director of the company Mr.Ravi Kumar. He guided us about the proceedings of all the tasks and activities.
Our first assignment was about how to create our professional profile at the Modlingua website which was the basic task to move further. After that we were asked to choose four areas of work wherever we want to enhance our skills. I choose to work on project management, quality standards, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, business and language industry and translation as well. Under social media marketing, we had to promote the modlingua channel on you tube and we also shared our profiles at social media through facebook, whatsapp, linkedin, google+, pininterest etc.
For this assignment, Mr.Kumar has conducted an another meeting in which he talked about networking in the translation industry where he tried to explain the topic by relating it to some images of a wolf pack or ants. Under this I choose to work on the topic ‘’ The lesson of networking and team work by ants”. In this article I talked about all the networking strategies by relating it with ants.
The third online meeting was about google search engine, relationship between content writing, online marketing and translation, globalisation, localisation, internationalisation and translation of content. I choose to write about the role of translators in business world where I covered all the important aspects of business and translation industry i.e content writing, online marketing, translation in multiple languages and relation among them.
In our fourth meeting we interacted with our guest speaker Prof.Loanna. She talked about entrepreneurship and personal branding for translators. She has also explained us the difference between in-house translators and freelancers and the visibility of the language professional in the society. But my article focuses more on language industry and entrepreneurship. This article of mine covers various important aspects for a language learner such as: linguistics as a profession, career aspects for a language professional, entrepreneurship, value of languages, characteristics of an entrepreneur. A brief description of all these are there in my article.
Our fifth lecture was specifically about quality standards and its relation to translation services where Mr.Kumar explained the topic through a power point presentation for our better understanding. Resultantly I choose to write on quality standards and their awareness (specifically in India) where I mentioned about Indian quality standards, need for quality standards, certification marks in India, and its relation with translation industry.
Last but not the least, our last lecture was about project management, its role in improving quality standards and increasing efficiency at any workplace. For me, it should me the key element of a language professional to work efficiently. Subsequently I wrote about project management and translation business. Where I talked about  project management, its importance, usage, implementation, effective communication, rules, regulations, policies, salaries/wages, job security, time management, healthy work culture. Business industry and translation industry relationship. This was one of my most detailed and well researched articles.
You tube videos broadcasted by Mr.Kumar played a vital role in writing of these articles. Later, all of these articles were published at the modlingua website.
My personal experience at modlingua was sterling. Working in this translation company as an intern was a didactic experience for me. It has given me a real insight of job experience so as to fulfil tasks on time, attending meetings and meeting deadlines. Through this I learnt what is punctuality and responsibility towards work. As a language enthusiast, modlingua has not only limit me to translation work but also unknowingly helped me a lot to expand my horizons about the language industry and various business and entrepreneurial aspects. Through our weekly online meetings, it has also enchanced my communication and interpersonal skills.
At university, as a language learner, I do had access to language, its written and oral expression, linguistics, translation etc, not much. But in my internship I learnt a lot about entrepreneurship and business aspects and I think it’s important to know because not everyone wants to become a translator, interpreter or a teacher. Business and entrepreneurship is also a way forward as a career option. I appreciate and thanks Mr.Ravi kumar for making entrepreneurship as a principal topic of discussion in our meetings. Because earlier entrepreneurship does not exist for me as a career option for a language professional. It was really a realistic job experience for me.
I ANJALI CHAWLA summer intern 2017 at modlingua. I would like to thank modlingua for playing an indispensable role in leveraging entrepreneurial skills and to give me a new insight about entrepreneurship and the importance of language industry in business world. I would like to express my gratitude to modlingua, its team and my fellow workers. Thank you so much for sharing your apprehensions, which gave me a better understanding on various entrepreneurial concepts.
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