Summer internship and translation management training report by Ritika Kush Spanish Translator

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By Ritika Kush

Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 Certified translations and Interpretation Company based in Kalkaji, New Delhi, India. To the rapidly changing technology and the dynamic world scenarios, Modlingua team has adapted itself by constantly upgrading its domain expertise in the translation industry and adapting to meet ever-changing technology needs including Localization and CAT tools as per the needs of clients. Its database repository includes 5000-plus translators from India and abroad. This platform helps us in having an easy access to the global community of language professionals and translators who constantly maintain contact with the Modlingua team.

Our journey was from 7th June, 2017 till 20th August, approximately three months.  Since it was an online internship programme, our meetings and interactions were held through an online portal called GoToMeeting. Other platforms through which we kept in touch were FaceBook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Gmail. After completion of each assignment they were posted on the Modlingua’s website ( To begin off, our supervisor Mr. Ravi Kumar broadcasted a survey to know the interns more. It included some options where we wanted develop our core competency in, such as, business development, citizen journalism and content writing, blogging, web development, YouTube and video casting, etc. From these we had to select the four best possible areas.

*     First Assignment-
  1. Prepare an individual professional profile including introduction, hobbies, qualifications, etc.
*     Second Assignment-
  1. Interpretation of the image “Wolf pack and Strategy”.
  2. Should translators learn the basics of networking and team work from ants.
  3. Can you as a multi linguist can make a difference in society (citizen journalism).
  4. The phenomenon of a foreign language in relation to your mother tongue and other languages.
*     Third Assignment-
  1. Why Google Search and Top Ranking in Google search is important
  2. The relationship between Content writing, Social Media Marketing and Translation in multiple languages.
  3. Language skills in Globalization, Localization, Internationalization and Translation of content.
  4. Pull and push marketing and AIDA model.
*     Fourth Assignment-  
  1. How to make clients
  2. How to do personal branding
  3. Is entrepreneurship a way forward for language professionals.
*     Fifth Assignment- 
  1. How quality Standards help translators and service providers and clients.
  2. The development of various quality standards in Translation Process across the globe.
  3. Linguistic as well as non-linguistic aspects in translation.
*     Sixth Assignment-
  1. How Project Management Integration takes place in Translation Business.
  2. The role of a Charter and Documentation in Project Management.
  3. How Project Management helps in increasing efficiency.
*     Seventh Assignment-
  1. A report on all activities during internship.
 These were the different assignments given to us. First assignment was to make sure that each and every intern has their own personal identity. From second to sixth assignments we were asked different questions and we had to write articles on it. Each assignment had the word limit according to which we had to write them. And lastly, the seventh assignment ironically is what you are reading right now.
Before each assignment we were regularly asked some questions or to interpret images regarding the meeting which were based on different topics. These activities were done through our Facebook page “Modlingua Alumni Network”. Even sometimes there were guest lectures and in those lectures we were allowed to invite our friends and family to attend. For the fourth assignment we had an online conference with Prof. Ioanna Daskalopoulou about entrepreneurship and personal branding for translators, we also got to know the differences between in-house translators and freelancers. On one occasion a Networking Tea was planned with Interns. It was arranged on 8th July in South Delhi. This was to connect with the interns more. I could not attend it because I was not in Delhi that time, but it was a different and good approach for the respective interns. The social media team had some other meetings too, regarding the YouTube page and marketing procedures.

The main purpose of this internship was to learn about translation and its role in nation building. To understand what being a language professional means. Why personal branding is important for a translator? How to stand in this dynamic world where learning a foreign language is a necessity? And other such things associated with translation and translators.
The whole journey of this internship was very distinct and fresh. I learned about the terms which I have not even known before, like personal branding. The overall experience was like a proper job; for example- we had to meet the deadlines, maintain the formal level of communication, etc. It also trained me on how to communicate with people of higher rank. I think that many language universities or institutes don’t make their students study about the quality standards required for translation. So as a language student it is a very important for me to comprehend which Modlingua taught me.

In a nutshell, this internship has been an excellent and rewarding experience. I can conclude that there have been a lot I’ve learnt from my work at Modlingua. Needless to say, the content of the work I’ve done are not flawless and could be improved provided enough time. As someone with no prior experience with translation and moreover my time spent in research and discovering it was well worth. I think the work I did went smoothly and I had no problems.

Personally I always thought that I am more of a writing person. But after doing this internship I got to know what my strengths and weaknesses are. And my favourite part of this internship is that our images are on Google; by typing “interns at Modlingua”, I can actually see my picture. What I appreciate most about this internship is the smoothness in the work done. Our head Mr. Ravi Kumar is always very professional but never got bossy. Therefore, we never faced a problem doing our work. I was able to gain practical skills, work in a fantastic environment (online), and make connections that will last a lifetime. I am definitely going to recommend my friends for this internship and the short and long term courses offered by Modlingua. I could not be more thankful.
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