Summer internship and translation management training report by Surabhi Tripathi Hindi Translator

17. 09. 19
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By Surabhi Tripathi 

First of all, I would like to say a big thank to Modlingua and Mr. Ravi to give us the opportunity to be the part of this internship and below have concluded everything I have learned and experienced amidst this internship, also wrote few words for Modlingua.

Starting from 7th June 2017, I have successfully completed an internship at Modlingua, which was full of questions; answers; interactions; interpretation; inferences; learnings with weekly meetings via GoToMeeting with our Mentor Mr. Ravi Kumar, who has organized everything for us so well and trying to make this a remarkable step for nourishing Translation Industry year by year through these kind of internship courses and creating a huge platform for translators. He briefed about his organization Modlingua and explained very beautifully the role of translators in nation-building.

Our first assignment was about to create a professional profile at Modlingua, with an intention to make understanding of the fact that how this kind of profile link can make a difference with others, who generally apply in a traditional way. We were given options to choose some topics to work on, among those my selected subjects were Project Management, Business Development, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing.
Mr. Ravi Kumar gave the vibration of Social Media marketing power, which gave us the confidence and surprise that, how we can make the difference by working together, as we have seen the subscription increase of Modlingua Youtube channel up to certain level with our own effort, with the help of Linked in and Facebook and other social media activities.

In second assignment we were asked to write our thoughts and its impact of networking in Translation Industry in which we have to depict the message from an image, from which we got to know different perspectives from different thoughts.
Mr. Ravi very smartly tried to make inferences on a common platform so that we can get an idea of an extension of thoughts then later he used to ask the same thing in form of assignments so that we very well organize our thoughts before writing.
We generally get bewildered by terms, In the third assignment, he tried to make us understand the terms and terminology clear and made us understood the importance of search engines and anyone’s (organization) positioning or ranking in those engines. In this we have learned about the importance of rank in Google search engine, the relationship between Content writing, Online Marketing and translation, Globalization, Localization, Internationalization, and translation of Content.
We were very fortunate to interact with Prof. Ioanna about entrepreneurship and personal branding for translators. I myself have cleared some doubts in those sessions in terms of using CAT Tools. What are the pros and cons of in-house translators and freelancers? With this fourth assignment we had to write about the visibility of the language professional in the society, how to gain clients being freelancers alternate options for language professionals, and relate this concept of power relations in society and position of a translator, my article was about entrepreneurship.

 In the fifth assignment, we had a meeting about Quality Standards and its connection to translation services, the development of various quality standards in Translation Process across the globe, the equal roles of linguistics and non-linguistics aspects in translation and the quality standards function in this balance.
In the sixth assignment, we had a meeting about Project Management, how it improves quality and increases efficiency at any workplace, the relation of project management and translation management, the role of charter and documentation in project management.
I am very thankful to Modlingua because we were able to connect with right people as much as possible, as we all know that in Translation industry there are a lot of intermediaries who have been exploiting the translators in such a way that many suggest not to choose this profession as a career option. It is very difficult to meet the correct person to get the correct value of your work.

We have learned that how we should take care of the clients’ requirements and importance of the knowledge of geographical and local languages and their slants, which is actually more impactful for readers, target audience actually connects themselves. Everyone one can do the translation but with the interpretation of daily routine languages, is the main key for translator needs to understand as nowadays many clients ask easy to understand translations not traditional one, Eg. Suppose I am English to Hindi translator I am always asked to translate the source English to Hindi in a way that it should not look difficult to the target audience, like today in India we do not even know the proper Hindi meanings of some generally used English terms, so we had to transliterate instead of translate. We have learned so much about blogging and how we should write to create interest for readers.

Mr. Ravi beautifully briefed the concept of AIDA model through Facebook and Blogging, when he had posted some pictures and asked for the thoughts. We need to understand this applies everywhere, and each step is needed to be examined properly.
This profession (Translation) is not a proper profession; this myth can be broken by the ones only, who are working within and this lead is already being taken up by Mr. Ravi Kumar, who is always ready to help us to break this myth of others. When we respect our profession then only we can set some proud example in front of society to prove our worth.

When this internship was getting started then I had a rough Idea of the things as per my understanding, which had been discussed in this course. I also thought that we will be getting some software knowledge, like how to use those tools to ornate ourselves with technical competency, although we did not get any information of software, nevertheless we have got those experiences through this course which one can only achieve with many years of experiences. A lot of interactions with participants with different experiences and learned persons made that effort very useful for us.
Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd. Is ISO 9001:2008 certified translation and interpretation company based in New Delhi, India. Its website is available in Hindi, English, Spanish and French Version.

It has been known for completing and delivering their work within the stipulated time and at competitive prices. Their credibility can be derived from their team of professionals who are highly qualified scholars, professors, lawyers, engineers, managers, and technocrats. In translation industry where translation is not the only work, understanding the notion of that domain is most important and Modlingua is being the best in terms of providing these standards.  They always take care of translation quality, global project management, task automation, process consistency, flexibility and customer service.
Modlingua enjoys an international reputation of being a socially responsible company involved in promotion and development of translation profession within India and across the globe.

We were very surprised by seeing our picture at Modlingua trainees images, which certainly gave us proud of feeling to be on the page of such a successful campaign. Mr. Ravi took care of each intern even in providing some employment and business development assistance. Whenever I saw his profile its like one will take more than one life to achieve so many things and we have been very fortunate to interact with Mr. Ravi and get reviewed by him.

Mr. Ravi also gave what next can be learned through these internships, and opened a platform to thoughts to decide another internship schedules and courses, which was very touching. I personally think to give some learning about CAT Tools along with all the experiences and topics covered by Mr. Ravi.
I am looking forward to joining more translation courses and join with reputed clients to prove my worth of joining with Modlingua.
I wish everyone (Participants and Modlingua) and especially for Mr. Ravi, all the best for their upcoming future and hope for all of us to become the contributor for our nation along with personal development financially as well as intellectually.
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