Internship Summary by Maria E. Padron

17. 10. 01
posted by: Maria Eugenia Padron
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By Maria E. Padron

The internship in Modlingua had a duration of about 3 months, starting in early June and finishing on late August. We would meet with Mr. Ravi Kumar every week to receive preparation and information about what our next task would include. This way we could have all the tools needed for working properly while growing as professionals and people. We worked with people from different countries as well as from India. It was a enriching experience and I’m glad I did it. I’d recommend this experience to everyone else that wants to grow as a professional in the translation and entrepreneurship fields.

 The principal objective for this internship was to expand the reach of Modlingua to clients and for them to increase, while providing the interns an opportunity to develop their skills and career by learning how to do this and working to reach this goal.

We learned about citizen journalism and how multilingualism and media have a power over how we get information nowadays. We learned about a marketing strategy called AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) and about client retention strategies. Translation standards used all over the world were explored, as well as project management strategies. The project management strategy that was explored was Plan, Schedule, Monitor, and Finalization of the Project.

The teaching method was really practical. We got information in an online interactive lecture (we could ask questions directly to Mr. Ravi Kumar), and later we would receive a task to implement that knowledge that was acquired and further explore it or put it into practice. This allowed us to learn in a way that we could understand everything, clear any doubts, and use what we learned in a productive way so we could get experience from it.

This is how I expected the course to be, to follow such a teaching methodology. However, what I ended up learning covered such a bigger scope than that which I expected. What we learned and put into practice surpassed my expectations and I feel that I grew as both as a person and as a professional through this internship. Doing an internship in a different culture than mine let me discover different ways of working, collaborating and learning. I thought the content of the lectures would be more focused on only a certain topic, but gladly it didn’t, letting me explore different aspects of entrepreneurship in the translation industry.

Therefore, I’m glad I did this internship. I was able to learn a lot from both Mr. Ravi Kumar, and the other interns with whom I worked. I hope Modlingua continues to offer this internship for other people in the future so they get to have the opportunities for growth that were offered to me and the rest of the interns during this summer of 2017. I’m greatly thankful to Modlingua, Mr. Ravi Kumar and my colleagues for having shared this experience and having helped Modlingua to grow more together.

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