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17. 10. 01
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By Gareema Sharma

Modlingua is the only platform which provides students to intern at a translation agency and I had the opportunity to do an internship at Modlingua during my summer vacations and it proved to be fruitful. A translator achieves great success when he masters the art of translation, but even with this talent of translation, translators today lack behind because they lack entrepreneurship skills. And this is what this internship at Modlingua mentors its interns. The focus of this internship was to teach both the budding and the experienced translators to market themselves through various platforms and be competent enough. It focused on non-linguistic aspects of translation and translation business.


The interns were mentored by Mr. Ravi Kumar, Entrepreneur and Founder of Modlingua Group. The internship was an online internship ensuring flexibility with a diverse group of interns. Online classes were held weekly through GoToMeeting app, which were also published on the company’s Youtube channel. Based on the mentoring and discussions in the classes, weekly assignments were handed over to the interns. 


The internship focused on diverse topics such as content writing, citizen journalism, project management and quality standard, entrepreneurship, business  development, social media marketing. We were first mentored on a topic and then asked to write an article on it, giving us enough creative space to express our opinions freely in a comfortable environment. 


Our first task was interpretation of a few pictures. We were given enough liberty to creatively interpret those as we wished to and as others shared their opinions, I learned to embrace different point of views and creative ideas. The interns were also introduced to the concept of citizen journalism. As the biased view of media and its capability to create fake and violence provoking news is prevalent enough, we were made to realise the power we possess in creating and sharing news ourselves through social media, inspiring and being inspired by common people and open to different views.


Another interesting topic the interns had the opportunity to learn was G.I.L.T : Globalisation, Internationalization, Localization, Translation. This assignment helped the interns establish the connection between globalization and translation. The place of a translator in the globalised world today and how localization affects translation, that translation is a process linked to localization but still very different from it. Language resides at the very core of globalization and helps in bridging the cultural gaps. 


The internship at Modlingua was an excellent opportunity for me as a beginner in the translation business to recognise the marketing value of a translator. To be part of such a diverse group and their knowledge in translation business proved beneficial and productive. 


About Modlingua

Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 Certified translation and Interpretation company based in New Delhi, India. It aims at becoming your preferred language partner by delivering high quality language solutions within the stipulated time and at competitive prices. With a team of professionals comprising highly qualified scholars, professors, lawyers, engineers, managers and technocrats, the team members at Modlingua are either native speakers or have taken formal language training in the native countries. Special attention is paid to ensure that the translators hired not just possess excellent academic credentials but are also sufficiently experienced in specific domains. Freelance translators at Modlingua are in tune with the translation-localization methodology and quality control process that is based on a demonstrated system of best practices. Modlingua emphasises on translation quality, global project management, task automation, process consistency, flexibility and customer service.

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