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Niharika KohliPursuing M.A. in German from GRS Department, University of Delhi, Niharika Kohli acquires a high level of fluency in German language. She is always on the lookout for opportunities to develop new skills and hone old ones. From a content writing intern to a German language teacher and a volunteer for Badlaav by University Express, she does not limit her knowledge to the linguistic field and seeks to make room for herself to explore new roles and potential leadership opportunities while embracing larger challenges.

She now strives to enter the corporate world and hence chose to join Modlingua as a management intern which offers her the possibility to gain exposure to numerous management areas and diversify her talents.

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Bhavika Vohra

Bhavika Vohra, a German scholar currently pursuing masters from Delhi University. She has always been a learning enthusiast who likes to travel and explore new horizons. She is determined and focused towards her goal of attaining a mark next to perfection in her multilingual skills thus speaking German as her first language. She secured first division in her graduation in German language in 2015. She has achieved B2 and C1 level in German language and is presently preparing for her C2 level examination. Through multiple hardships of learning a foreign language, she has evolved as an ambitious individual with excellent writing and speaking skills in German language. She has also been selected for a DAAD scholarship after an essay completion and would be flying to Germany in July 2016 for a month.

A self-motivated student who sees life and work as an expression of oneself, Bhavika’s greatest strengths and treasures are her interpersonal communication skills in German as well as English. Ms. Vohra also has a keen interest in painting and reading.



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