An Obituary : Gideon Toury Translation Scholar

Gideon Toury

Through his friends Edwin Gentzler we have been informed of the passing away of Professor Gideon Toury on 4th October 2016. He was only 74 years old. His health had been declining for several years, but the news of his death still comes as a shock.

Gideon Toury has played a key role in creating and defining the field of Translation Studies. It is symbolic in several ways that he was the first CETRA (then CERA) Professor in 1989, that he went on to contribute to many later editions of CETRA, and that his work has never stopped inspiring our research to this day. Older colleagues will remember the rapid rise of Gideon Toury to international prominence from the mid-1970s onwards; many younger generations of the CETRA community had the privilege of attending his lectures and seminars, or even of discussing their projects with him during a tutorial. The youngest CETRA recruits will mainly know Professor Toury from his publications, which will continue to belong to the core of the research field for many years to come.

We are all deeply saddened by the loss of a unique scholar, a generous colleague, a dear friend. He will be missed but his legacy is sure to remain.

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