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Translation and interpretation services have been MODLINGUA's first and foremost sphere of activity and over the years, MODLINGUA has earned a good reputation in undertaking translation work for a wide variety of texts. Translation and interpretation services have been MODLINGUA's first and foremost sphere of activity and over the years, MODLINGUA has earned a good reputation in undertaking translation work for a wide variety of texts.

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Translation Events and workshops in New Delhi

Events and Workshops

Modlingua strives to bring to you the latest information related to translation and localization activities within India and around the world. We have always tried to lay special emphasis on expanding the knowledge horizons of the language community in India. It is often seen that translators or interpreters are perceived as merely individuals with knowledge of two or more languages.

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Immigration Canada translation in New Delhi

Canadian Immigration Translation

With the liberal party leader and incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau coming to power, things appear to be turning more in favor of the Indian diaspora in particular. Trudeau's strong inclination towards the welfare of Canada's immigrant population is opening new vistas for Indians aspiring to travel to Canada be it for study, business, work or immigration. 

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hrlingua language placement services in new delhi

Language Placement Services

It is indeed a great to pleasure to be able to rightfully claim that the popularity of HRLINGUA is reflected in the 6000 plus members that it connects on its Facebook page, LANGUAGE PLACEMENT (HRLINGUA).

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notarized translation in New Delhi India

Notary Translation

Modlingua has a very strong network with lawyers, judges, oath commissioners and a series of officials in the judiciary. It  follows its established procedure of total quality management in translation by deploying only professional translators and gets all the required certification and notarization done to facilitate your translation requirements. 

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Translation research and publication in New Delhi

Research and Publication

A good way to enhance customer satisfaction is to provide unique and personalized experiences to them. To attain this goal, translators, interpreters as well as all stakeholders need to enhance their knowledge and keep pace with the ever increasing competitiveness in the global arena. 

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Professional Interpretation Services in New Delhi

Professional Interpretation Services

In the past, we have handled more than 200 consecutive interpretation assignments for small, medium and large-sized delegations including visits and meetings led by the Prime Minister, President, Vice-President, Finance and Commerce Ministers of India.  

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Authenticated and certified Translation in New Delhi India

Authenticated Translation

Modlingua being one of the founder members of the Indian Translators Association works in close cooperation with various diplomatic missions and government agencies and regularly facilitates translation that is at par with certified translation and is fully accepted as an official translation not only in India but across the globe. 

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Certified Legal Translation in New Delhi

Certified Legal Translation



We have professional legal translators, who have intensive experience in the segment. We serve law agencies, law firms, advocates and attorneys and also the Courts in their trial proceedings. 

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Foreign Language Training in New Delhi

Foreign Language Training

Our trainers have successfully conducted more than 100 Language Training Programs across different cities of India and our participating members have expressed their complete satisfaction over our course modules, methodology, quality of training and our faculty members.

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Birth Certificate Translation in New Delhi

Birth Certificate Translation



Birth certificate being part of an individual's most important documents, needs to be translated with utmost care otherwise one may get into a series of hassles that may delay your immigration or consular requirements. Modlingua has facilitated translation and authentication of more than 2000 birth certificates from different parts of India and the globe. 

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Indian Translators Association Approved Visa Translation

Visa Translation

Depending upon the requirement (visa / immigration / legalization purposes), all the documents are translated by a panel of experts approved by Indian Translators Association.

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Indian Translators Conference and seminars

Seminars and Conferences

We regularly organize Seminars and conferences on various themes related to language, translation, Interpretation and professional development of translators

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Marriage Certificate Translation in New Delhi

Marriage Certificate Translation



Marriage is a crucial milestone in an individual's life, one that is written and certified by the relevant authorities. Often one comes across the need for translation of his or her marriage certificate either while applying for travel documents be it family visa or immigration to any other country such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and alike popular destinations.  

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Certified translation in New Delhi

Certified translation


When it comes to delivering certified translations, Modlingua takes care of all pertaining requirements like providing high quality translations, timely delivery, maintaining accuracy levels and preparing affidavit for the translation as required by many diplomatic missions of several countries including UK, USA, Australia, any of the European countries or any other respective authorities like the Canadian Immigration, Medical Council of Canada, etc.

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