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By Helena Herrero 

From smoke signals to writing, from writing to printing and from printing to internet. The already giant step which meant each of these advances become insignificant when compared to the impact internet has meant. Internet is the precursor of the Social Media Era.

With the arrival of technologies, times are reduced and distances are shortened. And what is more, every one’s voice is able to enjoy these advantages, giving his or her opinion a far larger reach.

No longer do newspapers and newscasts have the exclusivity of informing. In fact, Facebook and Twitter are the first mass media featuring any new. Although credibility is always brought up regarding new media, so should censorship in traditional media.

Therefore, social changes can be led by individuals who, necessarily, do not have to know each other as they may live in different parts of the world, may have different ages and different cultures but share a common point of view.

Linguists are no exception, in fact on the contrary, their background empowers them even more to such task. The power words have and the power those who master them hold have been subject of study since classical times. Fortunately today, facts and figures have a better accessibility and transparency, being able to better support arguments, instead of only relying on the speech’s smooth talk.

Linguists may serve as a double-edged weapon in this aspect. On one hand, their proficiency on languages will assist them detecting fallacies and any other forked strategies. And on the other hand, the same knowledge of language will enable them to present their point of view in the most suitable way, depending on their aim.

Therefore, in a multilingual world as todays, multilinguists hold much responsibility. Whether a foreign idea is translated truthfully to other languages depends on them. To extend its range without adding or subtracting any touch, enabling the target culture to judge it in the same conditions the original culture did. So that people can oppose the ideas they do not share and can encourage the ones they do share.

To sum things up, citizen journalism counts with a strong renewing impetus as a result of social media, which serves as an unlimited means. Empowering it to compete with mainstream journalism for its rapidity and scope. And in such scenario multilinguists are key figures, who may affect citizen journalism at an international level for better or worse.

Writer Elena Herrero Rico is a Spanish, Frenh and English Language and Translation Intern at Modlingua, India's No1. certified translation and Language service providers based in New Delhi

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Gareema Sharma

Ants exhibit diligence and hard work. They have been known as intelligent creatures capable of sharing their knowledge and working efficiently as a team to achieve success. 

Ants gather their sources of knowledge and share them with others. They use the chemical substance pheromones to leave behind a trail, which each ant contributes to, to reach the final destination. If the ant which found its source of food wouldn't share this newly found knowledge with its colleagues, they would not be able to provide food to their community. This exhibits knowledge as something which is to be shared. If knowledge is made limited to one person, it eventually stops growing. The aim of knowledge is to be spread. And team work does this very efficiently than an individual can. Reciprocity, discussions and a sense of community accelerate the intensity of knowledge. Teamwork contributes in achieving greater heights.

The team work then creates a wide network with more and more ants contributing to it. It is collectively and not individually that the ants form a complex network capable of sharing knowledge.

As language professionals we can learn networking and team work from ants. Languages are highly complex and diverse. Communication is one of the efficient ways through which language professionals can increase their knowledge. If language professionals around the world are to work as a team, a wide and a complex network can form its place, open to discussions and learning from new techniques and technologies. With team work, the challenges faced by the language professionals would also be solved as efficiently. There is  so much to learn in this world and it is surely possible through communication and networking. This is how even the search engine Google works. It searches for information like the ants do, using hundreds of signals for finding an efficient result as the ants do once they have found their source of food.

We, as interns, are inexperienced as language professionals and need an intensive training to create and be part of this networking. Through team work and a sense of community in mind it becomes easier to begin with networking. With Modlingua and its widespread connections around the globe, the interns can communicate easily with people from different countries. There is exchange of views, ideas and culture. As language professionals, we are constantly expanding our creative sides, with interpretation of pictures such as a pack of wolves, networking of ants, exploring we possess a power of networking through citizen journalism.

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Writer Gareema Sharma is German and English Language and Translation Intern at Modlingua, India's No1. certified translation and Language service providers based in New Delhi

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