on 26 September 2016
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In the present context, the demand for translation and language related services has increased exponentially. The role of translators becomes critical when companies want to provide services to the customers in their local languages, and in the real time. This creates tremendous pressure on the translators to deliver the work under tight deadlines. Under the given situation, it becomes mandatory for the translators to start using computer-assisted translation tools (hereafter CAT Tools) and find out innovative ways to meet the expectations of their employers.

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on 18 October 2016
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By Ravi Kumar, Founder, Modlingua Learning, New Delhi 



Gone are the days when translation used to be practiced as an art by a selected number of intellectuals who used to enjoy literature, and by translating classics they used to offer literary cannons in their local language by giving second life to the original author’s work through translation. In last 30 years, the demand for translation and language related services has increased exponentially, and translation has evolved into a full-fledged profession that requires specialized training and professional orientation. Translation is not only needed for the promotion of literature and cross cultural activities, it has become an essential tool for keeping pace with the globalization phenomenon which is inseparable from technology and localization processes.

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