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By Ana Isabel Reguillo Pelayo, Academic Head, Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi

Note: This paper was presented at International Conference "Role of Translation in National Building and Supra Nationalism" held on December 16-19, 2010 at Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi and forms part of the digital book Theoretical and Empirical approaches to translation, Published by Modlingua, New Delhi   


In the year 1977 The Cervantes Institute built the reference point of the Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture on their website, the CVC (Centro Virtual Cervantes), the link is http://

Among its many sections, it offers many useful resources to students learning translation and for the professional translators of various European languages. First, I would like to give an overview of the specific sections that help in the learning process of translation and finally, on how the Cervantes Institute in New Delhi within its academic and cultural programs provides a space for learning and practice for those students interested in this new line of work that is in constant demand in India.
One of the objectives and functions of the Cervantes Institute is to disseminate and promote linguistic and cultural diversity of Spanish speaking countries. To be able to accomplish it, the Institute works with many prestigious organizations regional, national and international.

The machine translation (texts or web pages) is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and in the co-official languages of Spain, Catalan and Euskera. This is a service that initially helps users who do not need to master the language and also serves as a good methodological resource for teachers or professionals to learn how to detect errors, false friends, barbarisms, erroneous phrases, incorrect periphrasis, inconsistencies, and so on.

It has to be highlighted that the use of the dictionary and its huge typology (etymologically, ideological, technical, style, data, bilingual, encyclopedic, synonyms and antonyms, Latin and foreign language, grammar and doubt) is one of the areas that should be worked continuously since it is one of the persistent errors in translation students as far as the third year University course, as Ferriz and Sans reflected in their article.

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