Google Top Ranking and Japanese English Translation

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By Prathibha
It is common knowledge that Google has become a part of our lives and no day goes by without accessing Google. In fact, the word “search” is replaced with “google” nowadays and it has become a basic instinct for anyone to use Google for anything and everything on this earth and beyond. Obviously it increases the possibility of getting leads to one’s business if you are in the top page or the top 5-10 pages at least. No one has patience nowadays to look at beyond 5-10 pages. Due to the evolution of Google’s algorithm for Search engine optimization and the overall ranking process, top ranking is perceived to be more authentic when compared to those days when top ranking was achieved due to some short cut methods. This gives a feeling of trust to the prospective customers. So, visibility, trust and business leads, which form the entry level barriers for any business, are taken care in an efficient manner, just by achieving top ranking.
Due to globalization and the subsequent need for interaction across cross cultures, be it for business, recreation or anything for that matter, people have made Google as the tool to search for translators for their translation needs. The translator gets visibility across the globe and especially if his or her website is listed on the top page or the top few pages on the Google. This can save on the marketing costs as the translator gets inquiries by sitting at his or her home and the whole business can be done online.
Coming to the language pair that I work on, i.e., Japanese to English, I feel it is even more advantageous, due to scarcity of translators in this language pair. Japanese is supposed to be one of the toughest languages, if not the toughest, to learn and it takes at least 2-3 years of consistent effort to be able to do some meaningful translation assignments. Due to this, the number of people learning Japanese language is on the lesser side when compared to other languages such as French, Spanish or German. Hence, it is probably easier to be on the top pages of Google when compared to other language pairs. By creating meta tags for both Japanese and English keywords, the visibility can be increased even more. There is nothing like it, if I can achieve top ranking both in Google Japan and the generic Google domains. Google analytics provides the necessary insights for me to pursue the right customers, thereby avoiding spending time on non-prospective customers.

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