International Quality Standards

International Standard Quality Translation

Many times a novice translator or a service provider takes you for a ride by assuring you the best translation by a trusted translator. In reality, this trusted translator is either a student or a teacher who has taken certain training in a language that makes him/her just fit for basic day-to-day communication and not for translations that need specialized training and rigorous practice under the supervision of a senior experienced native colleague. Here comes the need to identify a Service Provider who can guarantee deployment of what is known as the Total Quality Control Process in translation to avoid any mismatch of expectations and deliveries between the Client and the Translator/Language Service Provider (LSP). Modlingua is India's leading such LSP. Our team leaves no stone unturned in order to ensure proper implementation of the quality control processes to provide quality services to Clients.

Language industry leaders have developed translation quality standards to protect the interest of clients and to educate translators and help develop professionalism. The well known applicable translation standards are defined in terms of the American Translation Service Standard (ASTM F2575-06), the Canadian Translation Standard CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008 and the European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN 15038). 

To prevent disasters you must ensure that your Service Provider follows any of the above standards. This can give you a reasonable assurance of quality as per the stipulated standards. A combination of these international translation quality standards helps us in providing Total Quality Assurance (TQA) in translation.

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