Payment Terms

Payment terms

Full payment is to be made in advance in cash or via bank transfer or Paypal unless agreed otherwise. In case of bulk projects (more than 5000 words), 50% payment is to be made in advance and the remaining 50% must be paid immediately upon completion of the project failing which 2% interest rate applies on monthly basis. Based on the mutually agreed terms and conditions of the services, we accept official Purchase Orders and raise the final invoice upon completion of the project.

Cancellation & Refund

Payments made as advance are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise. In addition to the applicable administrative charges, Cancellation Fees shall apply if a commission is cancelled after the work has commenced. In the event of cancellation of the commission by the Client after it has been placed, the Client shall be liable for compensation for the administrative involvement as well as all the works completed till the cancellation date. For Translation jobs, upon having received the complete set of documents from the client, Modlingua will present a total cost estimate of the project as per the price mentioned above and accordingly raise a Proforma Invoice which will be paid as per above payment terms unless agreed upon.

Agency relationship with the client

Modlingua is not an affiliate of the Client and its team acts as an independent contractor. Therefore, Modlingua’s sole compensation is the professional fees charged for their services as stipulated by the formal contract (i.e. Purchase Order) between the Client and Modlingua. However, if the Client requires any extra services, additional charges shall be applicable. All assignments shall be initiated by separate, written Purchase Orders, issued by the Client and signed by both the parties for each assignment, with fees, as agreed upon for each project.

For interpretation jobs, any additional working hours beyond what has been mutually agreed upon, additional billing will be done on pro-rata basis. If because of any unforeseen circumstances, the interpreter is unable to report at the place of work, the advance received will be refunded without charging any transaction fees on the prior understanding releasing Modlingua of the liability from any subsequent/ensuing damage.

For Placement services, in case the candidate recruited through Modlingua leaves within 30 days of joining, a free replacement shall be provided by Modlingua within 15 days of such leaving or half of the consultancy charges will be refunded in case the candidate recruited through Modlingua leaves within 30 days of joining.


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