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Brief  profile

My name is Mohd Kashif. I have completed my high school at Aligarh Muslim  University City High School and also completed my senior secondary school from secondary Schoolboys, AMU in commerce stream. Right now Sayyid Hamid Senior I am pursuing the Russian language from When I was in class  X Aligarh Muslim  University,  Aligarh. , I wanted to learn a new language after graduation.  Learning the  Russian language that’s why I opt this my graduation in the field for my and allowed me to understand the  Russian people their time. country's culture and also helped me in enhancing my communication skills at the same I really enjoyed learning the Russian language. . I took part I  took part in the First  All  India  Olympiad in different competitions in the Russian language organized by Pushkin Institute, Moscow. round I did a  small video project in spoken Russian for this. And also took part in different competitions. I am always ready to learn new things and develop events. I qualified Ist e  my skills to fulfill the need of the corporate world. In the future domain, I wish to further enhance my capabilities by pursuing Masters's degree in the same with a specialization in translation work.

Career goal

My aim to persuing higher study and myself as an Employer, not as an employee. Russian, aim in  Aligarh Muslim university to do better in our future where  I will see Currently here  I'm pursuing  Graduation in a foreign language. so  I  want to do something regarding this language. First of all to pursuing higher education from this language after  I will go to an MNC  company for jobs, where  I use my language efficiency. One doctorate from anything after  I will spend our time in MNC company so  I will decide to Russian speaking country and  Indian university persuing. My final goal is to serve our nation on the behalf of the university. I like my Russian language and I  want to become a professor in any Indian teaching too much.  Wherein the university I will follow my passion.  I will knowledge to children those who come to learn a foreign language as Russian.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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