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Importance of Hindi in the global context: World Hindi Day (Vishwa Hindi Diwas)

WorldHindiDiwasWith the social media boom, globalization and development in the IT sector, there has been a high rise in the consumption of content in local languages. This has given rise to a variety of opportunities for language experts. With more than 60 to 70% of the Indian population speaking Hindi and the rise of the Indian economy, there has also been a rise in purchasing power of common men who generally speak in their local languages.

Unlike other countries, in India consumers are not very sensitive to their mother tongues and therefore local as well as international companies provide their product descriptions in English. This results in the systematic exclusion of local languages from the majority of the population in India. This further adds value to the dominance of English in India among the common masses.

While celebrating Vishwa Hindi Divas we should be conscious of these facts and understand that there are some global players and monopolizers who not only monopolise the economy but also monopolise our thoughts by imposing English and their hidden agenda through our languages and culture. 

On this World Hindi Day, we would like to discuss certain key issues that make Hindi a global language but it certainly has a large number of challenges that we can only see when we do a little deeper research into the global language system where it is not the only economy that makes it powerful but it is also the language which acts as a tool to manipulate our mind and make us close to the slavery of powerful countries.

We should celebrate World Hindi Day with joy, hoping that the people of India will integrate Hindi and other languages not only in their daily life but also in education, research, media, IT and business aspects. Being multilingual is the culture of our country, but Hindi, which is spoken by more than 70% of the people of India, should also be given equal respect.

Webinar on World Hindi Day, 10th Jan 2023

Timings: 4 PM to 6 PM India time

With Dr M.L Gupta, Dr Nilu Gupta and Team Ravi Kumar

Register at:



Free Seminar on Career Development in Languages
By Ravi Kumar, Founder, Modlingua Learning 
Date and time: 9th November 2019, 1300 Hrs
Venue: Instituto Cervantes, Spanish Cultural Center, 48 Hanuman Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001.

Occasion: 10th Anniversary and el Día de Español
Celebration day of the 10th Anniversary of Instituto Cervantes of New Delhi and Día E, day of the Spanish language

The Día E (Día del español), the global celebration of the Spanish language, is a day full of activities that showcase the great variety and richness of Spanish and Latin American culture in the world and offers the opportunity to present the collaborative projects of the Cervantes Institute with artists and educators of India. But this year we will also celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our Institute, inaugurated in 2009 by its current director, Òscar Pujol. Imagine the fun of having more than 15 embassies at a common platform.

Highlights: As every year, we will have screenings of movies, music, dance to celebrate the day of the Spanish language and our anniversary, in collaboration with the Embassies of Latin American countries.

Do share this information with your friends. Interested can connect on WhatsApp: +91-9953882481




11:00 a.m.

Main Entrance

"Lluvia de palabras" and Welcome 

11:15 a.m.


Opening Ceremony 



"Bhakti"- Dance and poetry show with Mónica de la Fuente 


Exhibition Gallery

Inauguration of "People in Spain", by Arjun Sara 

12:30 p.m. onwards 

1st Floor

Latin mela - Latin American fair with Latin American Embassies

1:00 p.m.

 Studio (Basement)

"Career development in languages, with focus in Spanish". A lecture by Ravi Kumar (Modlingua Learning) 

1:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.

Room 3

Mock exam DELE A2 with Profa. Shweta 

1:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.

Room 5

Mock exam DELE B1 with Profa. Reyes

1:00 p.m.


"El juego de la Oca" of the Spanish culture 

1:30 p.m.


Argentinian film: Relatos salvajes, Damián Szifron. (Embajada de Argentina) 

1:45 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Room 5

Mock exam DELE B2 with Profa. Miriam

2:30 p.m.

Room 1 & 2

Poetry lecture: "Lectura a dos voces: poemas de Roberto Bolaño en español y bengalí". (Embajada de Chile) +  

3:30 p.m.

Room 1 & 2

Poetry lecture: Poems of Leopoldo Marechal, with Gustavo Canzobre. (Embajada de Argentina) 

4:00 p.m.


Flamenco & Sevillanas Workshop with Lissette Carrillo 

4:30 p.m.


Concert: Latin American music with Jenny Cárdenas (Embajada de Bolivia) 

6:00 p.m.

Main Entrance

Disco Party with Spanish and Latin American songs

BEN logo

Bharat Entrepreneurs Network (BEN) Launch on Feb 11th at IIFT, New Delhi

Considering that India needs translators, interpreters and linguists who play vital role in empowering the entrepreneurs league in their efforts of going global through local strength, Modlingua joins as Partner and sponsor in the efforts for accelerating entrepreneurship in Bharat to reclaim & assert its position as “A Nation of Billion Entrepreneurs”

Jointly with stakeholders and BEN Team, the organizing committee is pleased to announce its Global Launch Event to be held at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi on Saturday the 11th 2017 from 9am-5pm IST.

The theme of this event is “Bharat: A Nation of Billion Entrepreneurs". We will have young entrepreneurs, rural entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, thinkers, leaders, policy makers, teachers, scientists, students, current and aspiring entrepreneurs in this 1 day event. Besides keynote speeches, immersive panel discussions, we will have start-up-investor meetups, guidance on launching your own start-up, business plan competition, Q&A from MSME leaders in government, sign-up with mentors.
For more information please visit

Already some of the prominent leaders such as Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder of Sulabh International, Ashwini Lohani, CMD, Air India, Prof Prabhat Ranjan, ED, TIFAC, Prof. SK Jain, from IIT Delhi, Anushree Srivastava , Joint GM, IRCTC, Prof MK Som, Acting Director, NIT Aruṇachal Pradesh, Gaurav Kumar, Asst Director, MSME, Vinay Kumar, Asst Director, MSM. We are expecting few confirmations from relevant senior leaders/secretary in Govt of India and State Governments too.

BEN is very proud & glad of having assembled a world class team in record time leveraging the power of our social and professional networks. Organizing committe looks forward to developing BEN as a valuable destination and institution over the next few years. Our vision and plan is being refined. Our Sponsorship deck is available at BEN 2017 Sponsors Deck and can be requested as a PDF.

Media Team, BEN ( Bharat Entrepreneurs Network)
Atul Kumar +91 977.164.8695 (M), e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rishi Kant Kumar E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ravi Kumar: E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do register by clicking the link below

For any further details contact above persons or send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Translators Day

Modlingua Learning in collaboration with Indian Translators Association announces celebration of International Translators Day on September 30, 2016 through a one-day National Seminar cum Professional Development Workshop for language professionals, translators, interpreters, writers and academicians.

Seminar Theme

Language Professionals as Connectors of Different Worlds

Professional Development Workshop

Business Development, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Project Management

Date: September 30, 2016 Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM

Venue: K-5/B, Lower Ground Floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi -110019

Fees: INR 2100/- ( to be deposited in advance)

Last date of registration: September 15, 2016
Bank Details:
Bank Account Name: Indian Translators Association
Bank Name: HDFC Bank LTD
Bank Account No.: 00921450000346
Bank Address: B-54A, Greater Kailash - I, New Delhi - 110048
IFSC Code: HDFC 0000092

Note: For seminar, research papers are invited on the theme "Language Professionals as Connectors of Different Worlds" for e-publication with ISBN Number. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

For more details write to Ravi Kumar, President, Indian Translators Association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Social Media Marketing workshop for translators

Professional development workshop for Translators and language professionals, Oct 31, 2015

Given that the Internet boom has made Globalization phenomenon a reality. The nations of the world have been unified through it and it has virtually dissolved cultural and racial boundaries. People of different languages are now able to communicate effectively, as the language barrier does not exist in the internet. This has been made possible by language translation, which has made internet content universal and comprehensible to an unlimited number of people. That is why the demand for translators online is rapidly increasing. A huge number of websites now search for skilled translators to increase and improve their visibility and traffic in the internet world.

Read MoreSocial Media Marketing workshop 2015
Certified Quality Translation Services in Delhi