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By Khushboo Mehta
Content writing, online marketing and translation are intertwined with each other strongly. Content writing can deal with lot of issues such as gender equality, parenting, love, growing trend of translation etc. but to make it that visible and accessible to public, it requires marketing. There is no doubt how internet has profoundly influenced our lives. Today’s generation is obsessed with internet and especially social media like facebook, whatsapp etc. Companies, businesses don’t want to miss any opportunity so they use this platform to promote their products or services.

Hereby, I would also like to shed a light on translation. Earlier, translation was merely considered as a copy of an original which lacks creativity and originality. But with changing times and growing trend of learning a foreign language has actually changed the outlook towards translated work. Now translated work is equally in demand like original work as it is truly said that to learn a language is to know a culture. So one really needs to put lot of hard work and research to do any sort of translation and to apply different strategies for ex- alienation effect or word to word translation etc. this also means that your source and target language should be equally well. Translator supposedly should be accustomed to target audience and their culture. So altogether, one can say that translated work is to an extent an original work requiring immense expertise and knowledge regarding particular field. In order to popularise that work, in this era, we greatly need the tool of online marketing as every second person is glued to internet and this digital marketing can work wonders for your works if it goes viral. It’s like whatever you sell here, it’s going to stay there. Marketing translation if done in a right way and extensively would surely going to make a brand value of a particular work. Not forgetting the fact that it would be at times difficult for translators to translate idioms, proverbs, puns etc. so, I believe it is aptly said – ‘’something got lost in translation.’’
But if one retains to the essence of the original, then its going to be conveyed appropriately.

Since I have done my masters in translation, I would like to mention that I am familiar with the strategies of translating literary texts as I have also analyzed the work of German tales into Hindi but I would say there is a lot to do in this field. As far as marketing is concerned, I have never done it but recently, I have started with blogging so I am working on content writing and promoting it on social media.

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