The world in your fingers

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By Veer Kartik

Google is an internet-based search engine which helps us to find answers to the most difficult questions. In the present day, if an individual asks his friend about something that friend doesn't know, the friend's reply would probably be 'Google it!' (Just use your fingers). Well, it is the most used search engine and an important part of modern life. If a person, a group or a company wants to make money, be famous or publicise its product, it needs to be visible to the consumers or the audience. Since the first thing one would do in order to obtain information about something is that he/she would google it. What the search would result in is that, those results on the top will be seen and others, not so much. Therefore, top ranking in google search is very important. In order to order food, something necessary to buy, for information such as news, environment, international subjects, google is a trustworthy friend for all. Translators as communicators of one language to another have the responsibility of conveying messages in the best possible manner.

In order to do so, different resources on different websites are looked upon. Google being a companion, searching results in a number of options from where translators can choose their subject of choice. Also, this is the age of globalisation, trade and commerce reaching heights like never before, imports and exports happening all over the world, different countries, their individuals, businessmen seek to do whatever is in their best interest. For that to be possible, they require people to communicate their interests for them, do what's best for business. Publishers need people to write about different cultures in different languages, hence multilingual writers do this work. The more talented or famous a translator or multilingual writer is, the better he/she will be placed in the google search rankings. Being associated with a platform like Modlingua, a trustworthy company which has assisted many in India and abroad provides an opportunity to be available to the clients and various companies, domestic or International.

My language pair is English Spanish, both languages are spoken by more than half a billion people, thus creating a network of more than billion people. This network will keep on growing in years to come. It is certain that new inventions, new possibilities are bound to come, this network will have a lot to deal with which will create opportunities for linguists.

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