language professional Visibility in society and as well as in the business field

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MahenurBy Mahenur Alam  

Visibility of a language professional  is very important because than an only people will know about the company and  individual so it will expand the contact ,improve number of client

Strategy of Translators  Visibility
1. Get online
In today’s world viewed as a global village (or marketplace), people from different places can meet through this magical space called the Internet. Although “getting” online is now part of many people’s daily routine, we need to emphasise on certain key points: how do people know you are a translator? How do they get in touch with you and request your services? Why should they trust you? How do they pay you? Complex questions, simpler answers… First, launch a website or blog, displaying relevant information Then, make this virtual vitrine easy to find. Create a profile on translation platforms and update it frequently, adding the most valuable information that will make you more “trustworthy” as a translator
2. Socialize
Create a profile on the major social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and link them to your website/blog (this will help your site ranking). Be proactive on these social media (post, share, comment, reply), leveraging the best features that characterise each of them:
  • LinkedIn: professional connections, large-scope networking, industry news
  • Facebook: large number of contacts, viral pattern
  • Twitter: fast connection, easy interactivity, real-time updates
3. Interact
It is good to have updated online profiles displaying your most advantageous points, but it is more effective to drag people to these profiles and let them spread the word about your skills. Draw a list of leading bloggers in the just to name a few) and follow them. Suggest topics, comment on articles, and/or ask for clarification. Most of the time, article authors reply to their readers’ comments and share a bit of their expertise. Remember to include a link to your website in the comment form (but not affiliate links) or sign in to the said blog with any of your social media account. But make sure your comments are interesting and to the point, otherwise they will be deleted by the website administrator.
5. Build Reputation
Have a look at the industry. Since you started out in the, what problems seem to have remained unsolved? Whenever you discover pitfalls of specific software, practices that still prove ineffective, or ways and mean professions to boost productivity among your profession, write them down as personal notes. Use these as the basis for guest posts, podcasts, or practical guides. Share tips through a variety of media/platforms and link your files back to your website/blog. Make all your productions interconnected and easily accessible. Share them among your email and social media contacts and let them spread the word
Translation has a role in society
Translation is a fundamental and universal human right. Not a commodity – nor a form of aid we need to bring to poor countries in the developing world. It is also needed right on our doorsteps. Translation can help bring about a more cohesive society in the context of integration, working with immigrants and asylum-seekers. This group often requires language assistance to be able to interact with public services, such as health care, social security, education, police, etc. Translation is a first step, a stepping stone, for integration.
In this context, non-market and non-profit translation play an essential role. This is a new reality, which – together with the radical transformations the sector is presently undergoing – will bring about new attitudes towards translation and new working methods. It is therefore essential to reflect on these developments and take them carefully into account, so that we can manage these changes and are not taken aback by them.
 business process monitoring help to provide business process visibility by allowing organizations to proactively identify potential process problems while ensuring that processes map to overall business objectives.
Business process visibility is important in order for organizations to determine how well processes are running, and whether they are delivering maximum value to the business. In other words, process visibility can show whether transactions and other activities are processing accurately, and it can also show whether processes are consistent with key business goals. That knowledge helps to improve overall business efficiency.

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