Ways to be in touch with clients

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By Heba Khaled Elsheikh

It’s very important to know that the relation between clients and translators is complex and interesting as clients don’t research on translators only, but also they research on persons who are aware of the current changes in everything in the world of translation. The work of translation is always renewable and complex. This is due to the multiple and different languages.
It's a great struggle to find direct clients in translation field. Every translator has a basic role to do and to start working with them in a great confidence. First of all, as a translator, you should contact with translation agencies and register yourself in their databases to facilitate the process when any client searches on you or your specialization.
You should write different articles on some websites, join to association and websites which are related to your specialization and keep your profile updated and interesting for any client. Put in your consideration that your profile should be attractive and well through containing your qualifications and some information so the clients can  contact with you. This will inspire the clients that they choose the appropriate translators. Also you should help them to feel with confidence and reliability, and they can get the expected help from you in some aspects once you have dealt with them. you should be aware of that clients don’t know how the experience you have. So try to show clients how you are clever through showing your skills in turning a text from a language to another one. 
Every translator can achieve the role needed in according to their skills. So they will be able to solve the communication problems of any client. For example, clients know that a task is important, but don’t have the ability, the experience or the skills to do it. They may not know how to turn a text from a language to another or how to deliver some information from one culture to another one.
I think when you arrange your ideas about a task, and start to work on it. Then you will introduce your writing, performance and skills, and show clients what you have to do. So it will create an atmosphere of trust and satisfaction among translators and clients. This will encourage them to work and choose the best translator for their work and need. You need to prove that you are distinguished with quickness and accuracy to establish your own bussiness with those clients.
You should work on yourself, try to get more experience in the field of translation, and have specialized courses to enhance your skills and language. You should be involved in translation field through conferences and courses to get the chance of having good reputation for the clients. Also you should have a web address as well as you should give the clients a good impression about you through your website. So it may facilitate delivering the clients to the right translators, and you will be noticeable.    
 You can't forget that thanks to the internet, you can work with clients from anywhere and anytime. As you aren’t limited by geographic boundaries. So don’t sit and wait or the opportunity of the good work. But work on yourself and create your own work to prove that you deserve the trust of your clients.Try to contact with other translators who are in the same specialization and exchange your skills and experiences. I think this will play a great role in your sake, and it will help you to be familiar to get the opportunities which you look for.  
You should be active to get your own translation business. As clients need creative translators who can achieve their business well. In according to the clear saying is that know whom you are trying to reach will make it easier to know where to find them. We should put in our consideration that the importance of attending conferences and seminars in this task. As it will make clients able to connect with you easily, also you will be in touch with them through your skills and work. Because you will be the best one who can understand their needs better than they do. After you will offer your solution and you will be the translator as well as a trusted language advisor.
 The more you work in a specific field, the more you will gain experience and enhance your skills. This will help you to be the best in your field and will help the clients to define their needs and in their research on you or your specialization. So the relation between you and clients rely on which step you stand, how you are able to develop yourself and skills and how you attract and contact them.

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