Google: A boon for translation business

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By Shaista Perween

Google is one of the top most social networking site. It is very easy- peasy and  easy going site. We are very fortunate enough to have a site like this. We can know anything about in a second.  We are very lucky that we have the internet and social networking sites. Because of these sites, we come very close and share everything easily.   Digitalization is a new form to better   our society. We need it so much. In our development, internet plays major role. Now, because of internet,  we can share and know everything.

There are so many other sites like Baidu, Yahoo, Microsoft's Bing. There are 1.17 billion people who use google. Content is one of the most important factors for ranking. The keyword also plays a major role. Analyze Your Website & Set Your Keyword Goals, Research Your Audience, Analyze Your Competitors these are the important factors in Google searching. Google search engine is for communication and the secondly it is to search for information on relevant products and services offered by various businesses.

Search engine optimization is the focal point of internet marketing. This internet marketing innovation is becoming popular day-by-day providing profit worth billions to companies who are using their services.

Our young generation is promoting the social media. Becauseofsocialmedia we can create and promote our own websites. We can make the sites and make awareness in any field. As such, Modlingua is promoting and enhancing the scope of translation and interpretation. Any professional or business men can make specific websites in the field they want to do the work. Presently there are so many online websites in the field of translation. They are giving a very informative and educative information in that. Blogging is also very important to share our thoughts and ideas. Once I had created my blog in Spanish and every day I write about a specific topic in it. It improves and develops my Spanish language skills. I wrote about Spanish cuisine and bullfighting and Jallikattu issues in India. Translators or multilingual writers benefit from Google search in many ways, they can promote their content with the help of Google. They can use social media to enhance their things. They can use Facebook, Twitter, blog, LinkedIn etc.

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